He had no one to leave his son with and took him to work: the boss gave him a letter and “his first salary”

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Responsible fathers do everything in their power to protect their children. This is why the story of a family man who brought his 6-year-old son to work went viral.

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As with many parents, Tom Harley he had struggled to find someone to care for his son Isaac while you go to work. But amidst failed attempts, half in earnest and half in jest, she told the boy about 6 years that he should have taken it with him.

Surprised by the boy’s enthusiasm, the maintenance worker 33 years from the UK, she decided to consult her boss about the possibility of going with the little one, and the answer was yes.

Letter and money from the boss

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After a hard hard day where Isaac helped renovate an empty housethe father and son were surprised to receive a letter from the boss, Spencer Woodthanking the boy for his “excellent” work and also giving him money for his performance.

In an official letter on company letterhead ultraletaccompanied by a £10 ($13) note, the CEO wrote: ‘I saw some pictures of the work you did that day when you arrived and it was EXCELLENT!”.

And he continues: “You worked so hard, so hard that you fell asleep in the van on the way home. Enclosed with this letter you will find your salary for work on Tuesday 8 February 2022. Make sure you spend it wisely! Thank you so much for helping your father and the company.”

“It’s really important to work hard and focus on school now, but when you finish it in the future, it would be great if you came and showed us how good you can be at fixing houses! Even if only if you want to, of course,” she reportedly concluded. Mirror.

What did the father say?

Isaac said he plans to spend his hard earned salary new fish for your aquarium and can’t stop talking about the spectacular day she had with her father.

Overwhelmed by his boss’ kindness, Tom, who lives in Yorkshire, said: ‘Isaac loved it. He asked when he could get a van and work for Ultralets with me, and tells all his friends he’s coming to work with his father”. .

“We were working on a vacant property and Isaac helped me unload my tools and take them home,” she says, explaining, “I went over with him what jobs needed to be done. this. and we also painted a room”.

Also, he tried to fill some cracks in the wall and then they went to McDonald’s for dinner together. They even had to stop by the office to pick up materials, and she met with colleagues and even boss Spencer. When they’re done, he fell asleep in the van almost immediately.

Tom says he was surprised by the letter and proud of his son and the company he works for. “It’s the little things that make the difference,” he says.

Now, whenever Tom works around the house, he gets invaluable help from Isaac: “I hope I can teach him what I know and make a career out of it!”

The boss responded to the comments

After Tom posted about his experience on Facebook, Spencer responded to the sweet comments that flooded his letter, saying, “He encouraged me when I was young which gave me the confidence to start my own business in 17 years old,” he explained.

“Thirteen years later, I’m fortunate to have a thriving company and this is my way of passing on that encouragement I’ve had. I would encourage everyone to do the same to help foster the next generation of workers and entrepreneurs,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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