Jennifer López announces a new album for 2023: the titles of all her songs

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The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is known worldwide as one of the artists who have sold the most records Y multiple views collected on different platforms. Movies of him always get a high attendance rateregardless of criticism.

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However, it has been eight years since her latest album ‘AKA’ released in 2014, and all her fans were patiently waiting for her news about a possible music release.

That day has come: Jennifer Lopez announced through her networks the release date of his new albumwhich will bear the name “This is me…now” (this is me…now). The title refers to the singer’s third studio album, “This is me… then”published 20 years ago, in 2002.

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Jennifer Lopez’s new album

In addition to the announcement of the preparation of the new album, J.Lo. He has published the names of the songs that will be part of his new project. stand out from each other “Dear Ben Pt.II”a sequel to his song “Dear Ben”included on his disc “This is me… then”.

Track listing for “This Is Me… Now”

  1. This is me… now
  2. To be yours
  3. crazy in love
  4. I just can not get enough
  5. Rebound
  6. not. going. Everywhere.
  7. Dear Ben Pt.II
  8. hummingbird
  9. Hearts and flowers
  10. Broken like me
  11. This time
  12. Midnight trip to Vegas
  13. The greatest love story ever told

In her Instagram account, Jennifer López mentioned the anniversary of “This Is Me… Then”, which turns 20, and assured that the new album will be inspired by all her learning, both spiritual and emotional, during the his career.

Jennifer López has been busy, in addition to preparing the album, in the recording of her new film “Shotgun wedding”which also it will come out next year.

Source: Clarin

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