He was walking his dog, wanted to poop next to a car, and there was a couple having sex: ‘Stalker’

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The the writer Myriam M. Lejardi He recounted on his Twitter account an experience he had when he took his dog out to relieve himself and ended up with a couple having sex inside a parked car.

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“I will explain the relationship between my dog ​​who is a poop specialist and who I just saw two people fucking…”, wrote the Spaniard on social networks.

History, bitch and sex in the car

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Lejardi begins by saying that his dog does not go to the toilet anywhere, but at pooping only goes in its “safe zone”in this case “the parking lot of the sports center of the village”, which is a bit far away.

“And because I love her and respect the fact that she hesitates to evacuate with the public, I take her there every night,” continues the protagonist of the story.

“It’s not uncommon for there to be a car, so I wasn’t surprised when my dog ​​pooped right next to one,” said the writer, who quickly figured out what was going on.

“The windows were fogged up, there were two people having sex inside,” she confirmed.

They looked at her as a “stalker”

The problem came when the happy couple, at least until then, decided to turn on the light inside, and the writer too turned to look. Bad decision.

“It was super comfortable because they looked at me, I looked at them, they turned off the light and I couldn’t move because my dog ​​kept ‘fertilizing’ the concrete floor,” Lejardi said graciously of the unusual situation reflecting 20 minutes.

“I had to wait like a stalker until it’s over“He stressed, so he had to turn away as a last resort give “intimacy” to the couple.

The funniest thing, according to his account, is that due to the height of the windows and the size of the dog, “they probably didn’t see the animal.”

And she surmised: “They must have thought I was there to enjoy by their side while they copulated,” the young woman complained.

Similar situations in networks

As expected, the Twitter thread had gone viral and numerous comments appeared to give more color to the story with others similar stories.

“One time I was with my dog ​​and she got in between a couple who were kissing against the wall. They looked at me like I was a killer“wrote one user.

Another added: “I felt very identified because I also accidentally saw two people having sex on a bench in a square when I took my dog ​​for a walk.”

“Yesterday I happened to be walking my dog, but with a man urinating in a garden. My dog ​​started barking at him as if to tell him ‘that’s my place to urinate’,” said another user.

Source: Clarin

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