An alien life researcher claims to have found an ancient alien statue on Mars

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There has always been a lot of skepticism about the possibility that aliens exist in any corner of the universe. Even so, the scientific community has very varied opinions on the matter and there are great eminences, such as Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loebwhich ensure the existence of life beyond planet Earth.

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Now a researcher is convinced discovered an alien statue that collapsed on the surface of Mars.

Scott C. Waring stated on the UFO Sightings Daily blog website that discovered an alien statue after looking at a series of photos of the red planet taken by a NASA rover.

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Waring’s interpretation is based on the image, which appears to show a mountain-like structure which Waring believes to be it has two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and something like a crown on top.

He claims the sculpture was overturned, with one of the “eyes” broken as a result, he reports Mirror.

Waring explained on YouTube his theory that aliens lived on Mars in the past due to rock carving. In the video, he took a zoomed-in shot of the alleged statue and added color to “try to separate the pieces that were really intriguing.”

This is where the body parts can be distinguished, according to Waring.

He added: ‘This creature, this face, doesn’t look humanoid at all. Does it look like a reptile? It’s unusual, it really is.’

“It looks like an ancient sculpture. Now look at this eye, look away because it fell and hit this huge mountain side, which is made of hard material, and it’s broken,” the researcher justified in the video.

People who have commented on the enthusiast’s video agree with Waring that he was comparing the statue to Easter Island sculptures, according to the site. binnews which plays Mirror.

Another claim of extraterrestrial life

In May, Waring made a video claiming there was “100% proof that alien life once lived on Mars” after he NASA’s Curiosity rover captured an image of what looked like an artificial door.

He analyzed images of Mars and compared them to the one-foot entrance to the tomb of Ramses in ancient Egypt for creatures eight inches tall.

And he tried to justify his theory: “Mars has so much evidence of ancient extraterrestrial life. Look at these recent photos taken by the rover this week. Two photos show a hillside entrance. The entrance looks very similar to the ancient entrances Egyptians in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt”.

And he continued: “With so much concrete evidence, I don’t know how archaeologists can deny these things. I mean, archaeologists have become what they are because of their passion for unraveling the mystery of life in its different stages.”

“Mars… is evidence of life so early that it is beyond what Earth has to offer. 100% proof that ancient intelligent species once lived and thrived on Mars.”

NASA has two rovers on Mars, Curiosity and Perseverance, which continue to investigate the red planet for signs of life, past or present, on its surface.

Source: Clarin

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