Kanye West’s tweet that made Elon Musk furious

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It’s been months since the controversy started around Kanye West. The rapper has been involved in a wave of criticism on social mediaespecially on Twitter, after several anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi comments which aroused the wrath of his followers.

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In addition to being heavily criticized by thousands of social media users, various brands West had deals with, such as adidas, Balenciaga Y GAPThey agreed to let go of his hand break their business. But there was one person, one businessman in particular, that West had a strong crossover with: Elon Musk.

Does Kanye West sympathize with Nazism?

On Thursday, December 1, Kanye West gave an interview, along with the far-right activist Nick Fuentes, with the radio host Alex Jonesin which he left the controversy Phrases in favor of Hitler and Nazism.

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When asked by the host of the interview, the rapper who wants to apply for the US presidency in 2024 he exhibited his affinity for German National Socialism: “I love the Jews, but I also love the Nazis”.

yesas West calls himself now, he also explained why he believes the Nazis deserve his respect: “They too they did good things, stop insulting Nazis all the time“.

Kanye West and his mockery of Elon Musk

But things didn’t stop there. Hours later, in the early hours of Dec. 2, West made a post to his Twitter account that showed a swastika merged with star of davidsymbol of an ancient religion.

He then tweeted an image of Elon Musk gets showered by his friend Ari Emanuel, CEO of William Morris Endeavour, on vacation. As a comment to the photo, Ye posted: “Let’s remember this as my last tweet”. Shortly thereafter, West’s account was suspended for “inciting violence”. Musk made that clear it was the photo of the logo and not yours that caused the suspension.

Source: Clarin

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