The saga starring Tom Cruise and which is all the rage on Netflix

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Netflix new movie released “Jack Reacher”hero Tom Cruiseand which promises to move the platform’s subscribers with its story.

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The film was directed by Christopher McCarrie, Y Its launch took place in 2012 under the name of “Jack Reacher: Under the Eyes”. LAfter four years, it had its continuation as “Jack Reacher: No Return”but this time, directed by Edward Zwick.

According to the specialized site Rotten tomato, the critic jake wilson mentioned the following following the successful production: “the understated ending is downright heartwarming, something I never thought I’d say of a Cruise action sequel.”

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Synopsis of “Jack Reacher”

According to Netflix, the synopsis of the action film is as follows: “A defense attorney hires a former Army investigator to look into the case of a trained sniper who apparently randomly killed five people.”

official trailer


  • Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher
  • Rosamund Pike is Helen Rodin
  • Richard Jenkins is District Attorney Rodin
  • David Oyelowo as Officer Emerson
  • Werner Herzog is Czech
  • Jai Courtney is Charlie
  • Joseph Sikora as Barr
  • Michael Raymond-James is Linsky
  • Alexia Fast is Sandy
  • Robert Duvall as Cash
  • Josh Helman as Jeb

Duration of “Jack Reacher”

The ‘Jack Reacher’ movies span the length of two hours and they are already available in Netflix.

Source: Clarin

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