The teacher fired from school for her hot photos on the net: “I didn’t agree”

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Yeimmy Ilias Isaza, a teacher from Barranquilla, Colombia, with more than 400,000 social media followers, she was fired from her position as an instructor after administrators at her former school saw her sexy photos on Instagram.

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“It’s not just about believing in you, it’s about working on you,” Isaza wrote under a photo in which she appeared in a metallic gold bikini and lace top with an open crotch.

The photo garnered more than 1,750 likes.

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The Colombian teacher fired for her image on social media

In several images, Isaza poses in skintight dresses, skimpy bikinis, and silky lingerie.

And though he’s said to have been a “hit” with his students in class, according to UK outlet TheSun, The Colombian’s risqué publications proved too much for her bosses.

In fact, school administrators have said so Isaza’s online image was “inconsistent” with workplace policies; therefore, the teacher was fired.

However, his unceremonious departure from his teaching position prompted a cry for digital support from fans, who found her sexy outfit more inspiring than inappropriate.

“What a beauty! Don’t listen to those who criticize just for criticizing,” commented a defender of Isaza. “I think envy is one of the greatest evils of our time,” said another follower of the Colombian.

Since she was fired, Isaza is said to be “fine” and has already landed a new place at a school where they respect her way of dressing.

Other teachers fired for their image

Isaza isn’t the first teacher to be criticized for wearing sexy clothes.

At the end of August an elementary school art teacherRoxsana Díaz, of Pennsauken, New Jersey, was criticized by parents at her school for showing off her figure hourglass in skintight overalls both in the classroom and on the nets.

The teacher has defended his educational work despite the criticisms he has received from some members of the school communityfor her voluptuous body which supposedly distracts her students.

‘The Art Teacher’, as the teacher calls himself on Instagram (toyboxdollz), has generated controversy for his sexy way of dressingto the point that some parents have asked her to be removed from her job as a kindergarten teacher.

I know I always look angry or immensely serious when I’m in the room. It’s neither. I’m focused! I know of only a few jobs that are as important as shaping the next generation of minds. It always amazes me how much these kids are learning. They’re really soaking up everything we feed them in these schools. Not only must we be immensely efficient, but we must be excessively loving and thoughtful. Some kids use school as their sanctuary, our job is more than just teaching them the facts!”

Source: Clarin

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