The unusual bicycle that works with a double wheel in the center: “It’s a monstrosity”

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The engineer Sergei Gordieev He is an expert at fixing things. His over 12 million subscribers on YouTube are a guarantee. But he is not just any inventor. The success of his videos has to do with his signature trait, a twisted trademark.

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Gordieev makes the easy difficult. It stands out for working perfectly using unconventional methods. unimaginable, indeed. You can make both the world’s largest deli knife and a cardboard soda machine.

In June of this year, his name made headlines when a video from his channel The Q went viral in which he presents a bizarre challenge: a bicycle never seen before made up of a full wheel and two half wheels.

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The front wheel of Gordieev’s vehicle is common, but the the back is divided in two. As if it were a “math challenge”, the engineer verified that 0.5 + 0.5 = 1 also holds for the universe of bicycles.

The inventor used tubes and rivets to make the two halves of the rear wheel rotate as if they were one e the most amazing thing is that he didn’t have to use air to make it.

Although Gordieev sold his work as a possible “solution” to destroying a bicycle wheel, it is clear that he did what he did purely as a hobby.

“Would you agree?” she challenged on Instagram.

The consequences of the invention

The video of the strange bike went viral on Twitter, with many expressing their outrage after seeing Sergeii go to great lengths to fix his problem.

Most agree that the solution was much more complex than the problem and that, after all, such intricate cycling brings almost no benefit.

“Creators building web3 solutions for problems that don’t exist,” he wrote. Sheel Mohnot along with the clip being viewed by 4.5 million people. the presenter Jeremy ViteFor his part, he was “interested” in the object.

“What about the bike industry’s obsession with making bigger bikes? There is no need for these monstrosities in a city,” replied one dissident.

Another was encouraged to analyze its advantages and disadvantages: “It uses more materials in its structure (and therefore weighs more); has parts that are difficult to replace; requires more storage space. The only benefit I see is that it’s less likely to be stolen.”

“Okay, what’s the benefit of doing this or is it just a weird thing that’s different?” one person asked.

On YouTube they were a little nicer: “Truly a legend.. Hats off”; “Everyone: You can’t reinvent the wheel. This guy: hold my beer”; “Great video. Crazy idea but I like it. Good job bro!”

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A month after the invention that shook the nets, the inventor made more: he created one with a wheel divided in two and another in three. That is, with five wheel fragments at the same time.

The formula that Sergeii has been trying to demonstrate in his new Frankenstein monster is a little more complex. To create his most epic bike, the inventor sets out to see if “0.5 + 0.5 = 0.33 + 0.33 + 0.33” applies to his bikeland.

Using the same method as his previous bike, Gordieev created the new one with three half-wheels up front and one split wheel at the rear. First result: failed.

Then he turned the parts. He placed the thirds in the back and the two halves in front. He once again he’s gone wrong, but he wouldn’t have kept his cool without offering us (and himself) the answer.

The formula that worked was that of “1 = 0.33 + 0.33 + 0.33”, ie that of a whole wheel in front and three parts of a wheel behind.

Despite the failed tests, followers of The Q celebrated Gordieev’s attempt to make things more difficult in the comments to the YouTube video.

Source: Clarin

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