How much monthly money do you need to live in New York

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Settling in New York can be a dream for many people. But, before packing your bags and getting excited about living surrounded by famous scenes from series and films, it is worth thinking about the basic monthly budget

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You have to keep in mind that it is such a charming city expensive. With which the expenses foreseen by the Vivir Enn site for the following basic necessities cannot be neglected.

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The House

The rental value it is a key factor in choosing the Big Apple as a destination for emigration.

Although the prices can be very different, there are some parameters. According to the source cited, a room in an average quality shared apartment in Manhattan can cost between $1,500 and $2,000 a month.

meanwhile a Queens, further and cheaper point, a space with similar characteristics can be obtained between 300 and 600 dollars a month.

As for apartments in Manhattan, they usually don’t go below $2,500 a month; and in Brooklyn or Harlem the prices are halved.


The New York subway is as famous as it is expensive. Each trip costs US$2.75 and monthly passes, the cheapest alternative, cost $117.


The same note states that the standard rate is valued at US$72 per month. When it comes to shared places, this number will be divided among all residents of the apartment or house.


While this expense varies widely, the average rate is US$50 in the smallest homes.


A weekly supermarket purchase will range between US$50 and US$70. Thus, in a month it will add up to at least US$240.

As for a dinner in a restaurant, this price can be US$20 plus the mandatory 10% tip.


It’s not an avoidable expense. The cheaper houses do not have this appliance. How much does it cost per month? The estimated cost is US$120.

Cell phone

A plan with unlimited calls, texts, and 5GB access costs about $70 a month.

Source: Clarin

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