165 Belgian villagers jointly win a 197.5 billion won lottery jackpot

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The BBC reported on the 9th that 165 residents of the town of Olmen, Antwerp, Belgium, won the first prize in the EuroMillion lottery, which received the first prize of about 143 million euros (approximately 197.5 billion won).

165 residents of the village of Olmen, Antwerp, Belgium, had the same luck when they bought a lottery ticket through a local news agent with the same money. They share the winnings of 868,000 euros (approximately 1.199 billion won) per person.

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The lottery was held on the 6th, and more than 27 million lottery tickets were sold. The winnings are exactly 142,897,164 euros (approximately 197.4 billion won).

Jock Bermore, a spokesman for the Belgian Lottery Association, said multiple tie-ups are not uncommon in Belgium, but 165 simultaneous draws were the largest draw so far.

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She said that the co-winner was “the best Christmas gift” that happened to the residents of Olmen village, and that the residents who heard the news on the 7th were full of joy.

The local newsagent owner, who has been buying lottery tickets for the villagers for several years, said the residents couldn’t believe the news of their winnings and had listened to the news five or six times.

The identities of the winners were not disclosed.

Although the residents of Olmen village won a huge amount of 197.5 billion won, this is not the highest winning amount in the EuroMillion lottery. In July last year, an Englishman hit the jackpot winning 195 million pounds (about 312.7 billion won), and a few months ago, a couple in Gloucester, England, won 184 million pounds (about 294.9 billion won).

EuroMillions lottery tickets are sold in nine European countries: Belgium, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The winning numbers on the 6th were 12, 20, 25, 26, 27, and Lucky Star numbers 8 and 12.

Source: Donga

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