Peru: Dina Boluarte accelerates the presentation of the cabinet and does not rule out the anticipation of the elections

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“I assume in accordance with the political constitution of Perufrom now until July 26, 2026,” he said Dina Bolarte when he was sworn in as president of Peru after the ousting and arrest of Pedro Castillo, but 48 hours later and in the face of pressure from the opposition, he opened the door to a call for elections: “If society and the situation warrant it, let’s bring the elections forward, we will sit down and talk“.

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“The Constitution says until 2026, however if society and the situation justify the advancement of the elections, we will sit down to talk,” said Dina Boluarte this Friday morning in a small press conference where she relaxed the speech she gave before the parliament, in what could be a signal from the opposition to approve the new cabinet that has not yet been tabled.

Just a day before, Boluarte I was already relaxed his own words read in the inauguration speech: “I know that there are some rumors that there are some calls for early elections and that democratically it is respectable. I think that taking the presidency on this opportunity is to reorient what needs to be done with the country”.

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Thursday marked the differences with an important nuance: “Later, in coordination with all the organizations, we will look for alternatives to better reorient the country’s destinations.”

The key to this change of position may lie in the composition of the cabinet, which It must be approved by Congress. Facing protests with roadblocks in the south of the country and in central Lima, Boluarte is now paying attention to “society and situation” to call elections.

In this sense, Boluarte was consulted by the presentation of his cabinet and advanced: “During the day and tomorrow (Saturday) before noon the Cabinet will be sworn in “As democrats we must always be careful that the constitutional law, the balance of power, is not broken.”

And he sent another signal to Parliament: “I am very sorry that this unexpected situation has occurred, no one expected ituntil last week the Council of Ministers, when I was still Minister of State, accompanied and recommended former President Pedro Castillo not to continue to confront Congress. I think the trust issue was the breaking point to find us in this situation“.

On the other hand, Boluarte has been consulted on the withdrawal of support she announced Vladimir Cerron, one of the leaders of the left and of the Peru Libre party, which brought Castillo to power. “I want to send a message to Peruvians and political leaders: Stop polarizing us. Peru has been polarizing for years and this year and a half has been more acute.”

“Consequently, to the general secretary of the Free Peru Party: let’s call ourselves that, we sit down and talk, Peru and the country come first,” he concluded.

On the asylum of Pedro Castillo in Mexico

Boluarte spoke to the press about his former running mate detained and the possibility of political asylum in Mexico: “I have always remained within the legal framework, whatever the right of asylum says for the ex president and his family will have to be validated the Mexican government.

And surprised to reveal it would you like to visit Castilloheld in pre-trial detention: “In a few days, if you allow me after the swearing in of the new government, I would like to greet former president Pedro Castillo. The fact that he arose in this way, so quickly and so violently, believe me it also hurts“.

“There was a coup d’état, former president Castillo surprised us and all of Peru, including his ministers who were with him. I read the text in which he dissolved Congress and desperately tried to reorganize the Public Prosecutor, the Judiciary. The waterfall closet has given up, here’s why At some point I’d like to visit it and find out what happenedBoluarte confessed.

Lima, special envoy

Source: Clarin

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