The corpse that “resurrects” in a funeral home has generated controversy in the networks

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Some employees of a funeral home decided to play a game with him. practical joke on a partner in full Work place. But not only that, the moment was recorded and the video went viral. After being considered disrespectful, the consequences did not cause any pardons.

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The pictures show the workers of “T. Cribb & Sons” in London, UK, standing next to what appears to be a corpse inside a mortuary bag.

As one of them unzips the body bag, a colleague jumps out and sits down like a reanimated zombie while screaming, causing a momentary shock to the prank victim, it spreads Daily mail.

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Viral video at funeral home

The video, shot in one of his funeral homes in Beckton, East London, has sparked all sorts of opinions: on the one hand there are those who find the jokes funand on the other those who describe it as disrespectful.

John Harrissenior partner of T Cribbs and sonshe watched the video over the weekend and confirmed that he had suspended some of the staff.

“It’s a joke that should never have happened or been shared. I have no words,” he ruled, making his position very clear.

And he continued: “It’s a family business and they’ve been here for 50 years.. All the good work we’ve done during this time can be jeopardized by one silly thing. I’m really lost.”

He added that I understand those who have argued that it is disrespectful and that he could not approve of something like this.

The funeral home owner’s anger

Harris suggested it some staff may be made redundant.

“Had it not been shared, I could have gone through it internally and made some reproaches, but now I may have to lose experienced staff, even one of whom has been with me for 25 years,” he explained.

Beyond its harshness, it stressed the people involved they are excellent professionalsand that it is strange to see them like this in the video.

However, he clarified: “I would like to offer an unreserved apology if the video offended anyone.”

Repercussions on networks

The video, posted on Twitter by the user @peachpuk, has been viewed more than 1 million times and retweeted by tens of thousands. And, of course, it divided opinion.

A user named Lee H wrote, “Absolutely disgusting behavior,” while another, EFCBilly, called it, “Pretty disrespectful.”

Another like Nick Bavin, on the other hand, defended the joke: “I know someone that happened to that too. You can call it bad taste, but you have to have a sense of humor.” And another joined the defense: “People with this type of work need to relax and these types of jokes are more frequent than you think“.

A third Twitter user added, “Anyone who doesn’t see pure British humor at its best needs to sit on the naughty rung.”

Source: Clarin

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