Crisis in Peru: Dina Boluarte appreciates a call from Alberto Fernández after he takes office as president

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In the midst of the political crisis and unrelenting tension in Peru, the new president, Dina Boluarte, thanked this Friday for a communication received from the Argentine head of state, Alberto Fernández, and stated that in that contact her colleague He expressed his “support, support and cooperation”.

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The communication was reported by Boluarte through a post on his official Twitter account in which he thanked “the phone call from the president of the sister Republic of Argentina”.

According to him, the Argentine president ?has expressed his support, his support and his collaboration in the context of strengthening our democracy, bilateral relations and regional policies for the development of South America?.

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Boluarte, a 60-year-old lawyer who was Peru’s vice president during Pedro Castillo’s term, took office on Wednesday following the resignation of the now former president, who had announced the dissolution of Congress hours earlier.

The new president was trying this Friday to reach a consensus with the opposition to form his new cabinet.

But discontent grows in the streetswhere followers of the former president are calling for his release and for elections to be held.

Boluarte, who on Wednesday promised to govern until July 2026, when Castillo’s term would expire, opened the door this Friday to call early elections seeking a peaceful solution to the political crisis. And he has once again called on the population to calm amid protests calling for the formation of a new Parliament.

“If society and the situation require it, we will advance the elections in conversations with the democratic forces of Congress,” Boluarte told the press, after assuring that he will form his cabinet on Saturday.

“I ask the sisters and brothers who are going out in protest to ask them to calm down,” he said after violent clashes between pro-Castillo protesters and police on Thursday night in Lima.

Two days after his coup attempt failed, Castillo shares the detention center with former president Alberto Fujimori at a police base in Lima.

The prosecutor’s office charges this rural leftist teacher with rebellion and conspiracy, and a high court has ordered seven days in jail against him.

Called up to the Armed Forces

Boluarte participated this Friday in an act for Army Day and called on the Armed Forces to “govern together” in the midst of the political crisis.

“Let’s govern together to build a country for ‘nobodies’ who, like everyone else, aspire to development, equal opportunities, and who through work and understanding will be able to move forward,” he said.

The president officially addressed the military two days after they refused to support former president Castillo at the close of Congress, after he deemed the action constituted a “violation of the Peruvian constitution”.

In this sense, Boluarte recognized that this body gives Peru the guarantee of living in order, respecting the Constitution, the rule of law and the balance of powers, “the one they recovered after a failed adventure that should remain in the memory of the country, so that history does not repeat itself”.

He took the opportunity to ask the Armed Forces and the National Police, as well as democratic forces, grassroots organizations, organized civil society and Peruvian municipalities, to remain united “with permanent dialogue and close coordination”.

“Let’s leave behind the chapters of confrontation, of bickering, which have not done any good to the country that was asking for consensus”, he underlined.

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