Dina Boluarte has presented Peru’s new cabinet with a strong call to fight corruption

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Just 72 hours after taking office as the new president of Peru to replace the former president Peter Castillodismissed and reported for attempted self-coup, Dina Bolarte introduced his cabinet to the Government Palace with the particular oath of do not “commit acts of corruption”. Now they have to be approved by Congress.

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In the midst of a tense atmosphere in the streets, after several days of marches with clashes between Castillo’s supporters and the police, the new president – until Wednesday vice president – called for calm and bet on reaching consensus with the appointment of The ministers. With gender parity, it designated eight women and eight menin addition to the President of the Council of Ministers.

The only controversial appointment of Boluarte is that of the most important office, the President of the Council of Ministers. Named the country’s first female president Pedro Miguel Angulo Aranaformer prosecutor member of the now disbanded Contigo political party, economically liberal and culturally conservative in some respects.

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He was fined late last year when he tried to run for Congress for failing to submit financial data of income received and expenses incurred while campaigning for the 2020 legislatures.

However, the most serious complaint against him has nothing to do with corruption. In 2011, Angulo left the prosecutor’s office after a sexual harassment complaint from an assistant and deputy prosecutor. The women filed a complaint with the National Prosecutor’s Office and to avoid the scandal Angulo resigned. He has never given his public version of the fact.

In some cases Boluarte favored those who were deputy ministers in the cabinet that accompanied Castillo. For example, in Economics and Finance, he nominated Alex Contreras Miranda, who was formerly Castillo’s Deputy Minister of Economy; or Ana Cecilia Gervasithat former vice chancellor Pedro Castillo, will now be the new chancellor.

Another acquaintance is Giulio Saverio de Martiniformer Deputy Minister of Development and Social Inclusion of Castillo, who was sworn in to be in charge of the area.

In turn, appointed Boluarte in defense Luis Alberto Otárola Penarandaformer minister of Ollanta Humala, former president between 2011 and 2016, now jailed for corruption.

In all cases, the president has opted for the publication of the affidavit of each new minister on the website of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Secondly, Cesar Cervantes Cardenasformer commander-in-chief of the national police in the Castillo government, sworn in as interior minister.

One of the new faces is to José Tello Alfaro, a university law professor who spoke out against the coup of Pedro Castillo. Another is Patricia Correa ArangoitiaUNESCO educator and consultant.

There was also a place for career civil servants, such as the case of Rosa Gutiérrez Palominowith years in healthcare.

Also Nelly Walls of the Castlea career agricultural official was appointed minister of agricultural development.

At the same time, Sandra Belaunde Arnillas sworn in as Minister of Production; Luis Fernando Helguero Gonzalez he was appointed Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism; Oscar Vera Gargurevich now works at the Ministry of Energy and Mines; One of the well-known faces is that of the daughter of former United Nations Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, Hania Perez de Cuellar, who assumed the position of Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation.

With international acclaim among its parchments, Albina Ruiz Rios sworn in as head of the Ministry of the Environment; Y Greece Rojas de Ortiz as Minister for Women and Vulnerable Populations.

And the toilet was completed with jair perez as Minister of Culture, though the Labor and Transport portfolios are missing.

Source: Clarin

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