Dina Boularte appointed a center-right majority technical cabinet in Peru

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Prompted by marches demanding that elections be called, just 72 hours after assuming the presidency of Peru after the removal and detention of Pedro Castillo for her coup attempt, Dina Boluarte presented her cabinet with a strong appeal against corruption.

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The new president favors a civil service with a technical profile and a centre-right orientation, which now needs to be approved by Congress dominated by the opposition.

In the most important position, the presidency of the Council of Ministers, has appointed Pedro Miguel Angulo Arana, a lawyer who was dean of the Lima Bar Association. One detail, he joined the disappeared Contigo party (former Peruvians for Kamgio), of a liberal line in the economic dimension and conservative in the cultural dimensionhe.

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The economy will be in charge of Alex Contreras Miranda, a pro-market economist, who was already deputy minister of that portfolio. He is an administrative specialist, eminently technical, with a master’s degree from the United States and 14 years of experience in public management, in topics related to monetary statistics and macroeconomics.

The chancellery, another important position, was held by Ana Cecilia Gervasi, who was vice chancellor of the Castillo government. She is a politically centrist career diplomat and lawyer.

Among other figures, José Tello Alfaro, a university law professor who spoke out against the Castillo coup sworn to justice; Patricia Correa Arangoitia, educator and UNESCO consultant, in Education; and Albina Ruíz Ríos in the Ministry of the Environment, which comes with international awards to the ministry.

Hania Pérez de Cuellar, daughter of former United Nations Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, as Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation.

related experience

While respecting gender equality, there are eight women and eight men, only one of the appointees has ministerial experience. This is Luis Alberto Otárola Peñaranda, head of the defense portfolio.

He was minister in the management of Ollanta Humala, the former president between 2011 and 2016 who came to power with a centre-left speech, then veered right. He ended up in prison with his wife after leaving power accused of corruption.

In many cases the president, a 60-year-old lawyer of the moderate centre-left, had to opt for the previous deputy ministers, perhaps driven by urgency to form his team and seek relief from the tension surrounding the country.

“I ask for calm and serenity. Dialogue and understanding are imperative”, Boluarte spoke out after the violent protests in Lima and the cutting of the Pan-American Highway mainly in Arequipa, 1000 kilometers south of the capital.

And in the search for appeasement but essentially reconciliation with the unicameral Congress dominated by right-wing forceshe sought a cabinet away from corruption charges.

An important curiosity about it is that in the text he read to each one, he asked if “They have sworn not to commit acts of corruption” and established that the sworn statements of each new minister be published on the website of the presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Angulo is the only referee with some problems in the past. He was fined last year when he tried to run for Congress for failing to submit financial information about campaign income and expenses.

sexual harassment

But there is another controversial issue. In 2011 Angulo left the Public Prosecutor after a sexual harassment complaint of an assistant and a deputy attorney. The women filed a complaint with the National Prosecutor’s Office and to avoid scandal the official resigned. He never gave his version of the event and now he may have to explain that situation.

Apart from the fact that so far he is the only member of the cabinet who has been denounced, which is remarkable in Peruvian politics in recent years. completely contaminated. The Legislature is plagued by MPs with judicial problems and the entire forum, according to polls, has an even worse image than Castillo had.

Some analysts point out that in the new team there are mostly no precedents, but underline that perhaps the strong technical profile reduces their chances of governing a country in chronic crisis, now again with checkpoints and demonstrations in favor of Castillo, however his coup attempt on the fujimorazo road.

“I assumed command of the nation having been part of a presidential formula that won the June 2021 election. It’s not a blank checkbut a commitment for each of you to get out of the political crisis and the serious effects of the pandemic,” Boluarte said in a message to Peru.

Just as Congress is a political filter for government approval, the street will be a social filter, and the president has left a message for the protesters.

“The government of national unity it will be for everyone Peruvians a government of dialogue, agreement, economic growth and social cohesion. Also understand the citizens’ right to mobilize. It is accepted within the Constitution, with respect for human rights and the integrity of people”.

But he warned that “the police are clear about these orders, as are the legitimate and lawful exercise of authority maintain public order and social peace. After a clash between protesters and police on Friday night, seven people were arrested, four policemen were injured and four other people were protesting in Lima.


Source: Clarin

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