Home World News Crisis in Peru: an airport in the south closes due to attacks by Pedro Castillo’s defenders

Crisis in Peru: an airport in the south closes due to attacks by Pedro Castillo’s defenders

Crisis in Peru: an airport in the south closes due to attacks by Pedro Castillo’s defenders

“The police have clear orders, as well as the legal and legitimate exercise of authority to maintain public order and social peace,” warned the new president of Peru, Dina Bolartein his message to the country following the presentation of his cabinet.

But his message did not find an echo in the south of the country, where the former president’s defenders are present Peter Castillofired and detained for attempting a self-coup to shut down Congress, shut down routes, clashed with police and even vandalized the airport in Andahuaylas800 kilometers south of Lima, in his claim to ask for the election and the resignation of Boluarte.

For the fourth consecutive day, the demonstrators of the former president who claims to be the victim of a “Machiavellian plan” against him conceived by Boluarte, president of Congress and Justice, protested in the streets of Lima and southern cities of the country . there were clashes with the police that resulted in more than 20 injuries.

They are asking for elections to be called to designate a new Congress, for the resignation of Boluarte, who took over from Castillo as his vice president, and for the 53-year-old campaign master who came to power in the middle of last year to be released and return to the presidency.


In Cusco and Puno, some organizations have declared an insurrection, and so far the biggest conflict has been in Arequipa, 1,000 kilometers south of the country, where protesters have blocked the South Pan-American Highway since Thursday night with interruptions.

However, 750 kilometers southwest of Lima, in Andahuaylas, the riot escalated to the point that protesters vandalized and set fire to part of the airport, which had to be closed.

“They set fire to the transmitter room, the fuel room, surrounding the airport with acts of violence, where 50 employees of our company are located”, reads the statement from Corpac, the body that controls Peru’s airports.

“There is a large presence of residents from the areas surrounding Andahuaylas who have come out and attacked public entities such as the tax office, the police building,” he said clarion Colonel Luján, of the Andahuaylas National Police. Even if he qualified: “The police have restored public order.”

Furthermore, the uniformed officer acknowledged the tense situation on Saturday, when there was a kidnapping of two officers by protesters in the central square of Andahuaylas. “There were two policemen arrested by the mob who weren’t participating in the operations, but were circulating, one in civilian clothes, and the mob identified and detained them,” Luján said. clarion.

In turn, when asked about the situation at the airport, he indicated that support police personnel had just arrived from Lima and that “order was being restored”.

“The trend of mobilizations is growing nationwide. There have been marches, checkpoints and clashes in 9 regions. We are closely monitoring the protests, the actions of the Peruvian police and we ask for calm,” said Rolando Luque, a member of the ombudsman of Peru The autonomous body reported at least 20 injuries, including civilians and police officers.

Given the extent of the conflict, the regional government of Apurímac, a district in the south of the country between Cusco and Arequipa, has suspended school lessons for the beginning of the week. In the same sense, some bus companies have suspended the sale of tickets for the south of the country.

At the same time that Boluarte calls for dialogue and presents a cabinet of technicians that must be supported by Congress, avoiding any reference to an advance in the elections, rural residents are stepping up their protests ahead of the start of the week, after a weekend of four days without activities in Peru for the extra long holiday of the day of the Immaculate Conception.

Boluarte’s message

“I have worked hard to form a ministerial cabinet for democratic unity and consolidation that is equal to what the country requires,” Boluarte said in a recorded message to the country.

And he addressed the demonstrators: “The government of national unity will be for all Peruvians a government of dialogue, agreement, economic growth and social cohesion. Also including the right of citizens to mobilize. It is accepted within the Constitution, respecting of human rights and the integrity of people”.

“The police are clear about these orders, as well as about the legal and legitimate exercise of authority to maintain public order and social peace,” he stressed.

“Responsibility, peace and tranquility are possible with everyone’s effort. May God grant us wisdom, tranquility and fill with blessings a generous and industrious country like ours, where unity, solidarity and consensus lead us to the progress we so yearn for so much,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin


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