Coup against the ‘Ndragheta, the Calabrian mafia: almost 80 prisoners in different parts of Italy

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A total of 78 people were arrested this Tuesday in a police coup against the ‘Ndragheta, the Calabrian mafia (southern Italy), in various provinces of the north and south of the country. Property and financial assets were seized for a value of 4 million eurosthe police reported.

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In the early hours of the morning about 1,000 agents of Carabineros, Police and Guardia di Finanza mobilized to carry out arrests and searches practically simultaneously in 16 provinces throughout Italyincluding Brescia, Bergamo, Como, Varese and Monza Brianza in the north, and Rome and Chieti in the centre.

In Calabria the Carabinieri arrested 65 people, of which 47 will go into pre-trial detention accused of crimes such as mafia association, carrying and possession of common and war weapons, extortion, usury, laundering and drug trafficking.

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In northern Lombardy, precautionary measures were taken against 13 people under investigation for mafia association, attempted extortion and from whom assets and financial assets were seized for a value of 4 million euro.

Among these, the police seized a company dedicated to logging whose value was 700,000 euros.

The investigations made it possible to verify this Umberto Belloccoone of the leaders of the ‘Ndragheta, despite his arrest and conviction in 2009, he continued from prison to direct criminal activities of his criminal organization in the north of the country.

The investigations made it possible to confirm the extent of the ‘Ndragheta’s activity in the north, and in particular in the Lombard provinces of Brescia and Bergamothe police explained.

The Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, appreciated the work of the judiciary and the police forces against “the criminal organizations that affect the economic and social fabric of the country”.

“Putting down the organizations that manage drug trafficking is essential to ensure safety and legality in our cities,” he added.

With information from EFE

Source: Clarin

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