At 37 she became a grandmother, but nobody believes her

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elizabeth elliott welcomed her granddaughter into the world and is delighted with how well her 19-year-old daughter Chloe is coping with motherhood. But what she confesses is that absolutely no one believes him so at 37 she became a grandmother.

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Since Elizabeth, now 38, had Chloe at a young age, she didn’t expect her daughter to do the same. You even took it upon yourself to encourage her daughter to do it wait to get pregnant.

However, on the other hand, Chloe’s fight against the endometriosis and polycystic ovary, led Elizabeth to think she would never become a grandmother. But fate had a surprise in store for this woman from Yorkshire, UK.

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Health problems and pregnancy

“Becoming a grandmother at 37 was the best thing that happened to me. The arrival of Elizabeth-Hope it was a miracle that he came out of a bad health situation,” says Elisabetta and widens Meter.

“When she got pregnant it was a shock, but a good one because she is still doing her final exams, but from home and her baby she is now at the center of everything,” says the young grandmother.

Because he had a tough time when Chloe was young, he always encouraged education and being a parent afterward.

“I believe that having a baby saved her lifeit’s something she’s always dreamed of, as we were worried it would never happen due to her endometriosis,” she notes.

“She’s the best mother for Elizabeth-Hope, as she was in a bad place before she was so sick, but she’s adapted to him like a duck to water.” People are always surprised that she’s a grandmother.

Grandmother at 37 years old

As expected due to her age, people who see her on the street get confused. “People think I’m the mother, They think she’s too young to be a grandmother.. So I explain that Chloe is the baby’s mother and not the sister,” she says with a smile.

Elizabeth is extremely proud of Chloe and of her maternal skillsbut she says it’s a stark contrast to how she had a baby.

She adds that she has a completely different style of motherhood than hers, but at the same time she’s learned a lot from her.

She also points out that because she is so enthusiastic and dedicated to being the best mom, no one has ever taken it upon herself to think ill of her and her youth.

“When she got pregnant, she had her head in books, read, educated herself, and became a boss mom“, warns Elizabeth and reflects the British newspaper.

Home then, home now

The young grandmother went on to compare motherhood at different stages. And she contributed: “She said that as a child she remembers it our house was always very noisyand now we have the rule that our house is a house that doesn’t scream.”

“When my daughters were little, when they weren’t sleeping, I gave them milk cakes to calm them down, but Chloe pointed out to me that his generation has a lot of stomach problems and that’s because they give the kids solid food too early,” she exemplifies.

Elizabeth points out that there wasn’t as much guidance for her as a young mother as there is now for Chloe.

“They have an incredible bond, and it’s all down to the amount of time and effort Chloe put into interacting with her,” she said, comparing her unconventional family: “When my kids were little, I wasn’t the best mom and Chloe went to daycare.”

Source: Clarin

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