Political crisis in Peru: the foreign minister summoned the Argentine ambassador for the declaration of the four countries in favor of Pedro Castillo

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Ana Cecilia Gervasi, new Chancellor of Peru appointed by the president Dina Bolartefollowing the ousting and arrest of former president Pedro Castillo in a coup attempt, he said he had summoned the Argentine ambassador and his counterparts from Colombia, Mexico and Bolivia, following Pedro Castillo’s joint statement.

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After Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Bolivia did “a call to all the actors involved in the previous process so that they prioritize the citizen’s will that was pronounced at the pollsAnd that this was “the way of interpreting” the scope and meaning of the notion of democracy included in the Inter-American System of Human Rights, the government of Peru formally replied.

Faced with questions about the human rights of Castillo’s detention, the new government of Peru assured: “The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights recognized, in its statement of December 8, ‘…the immediate action of the institutions of Peru in defense of democracy to avoid the realization of the institutional collapse‘ and reiterated ‘that it must be protected by the validity of the rule of law'”.

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But this Tuesday, the new chancellor summoned the ambassadors of the four countries. “Today I summoned the ambassadors of Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina and the business manager of Colombia. I reiterated that presidential succession is constitutional and that former President Castillo’s decisions of December 7 have materialized a coup“, he assured on Twitter.

And he completed: “Also, I gave them formal notes addressed to the respective Foreign Ministers in which the government of Peru expresses its firm reaction to the joint statement issued yesterday by their respective governments on the political situation in the country”.

In turn, he made the new minister of foreign relations a gesture with Brazil, which did not sign the statement. “Today I spoke with the Foreign Minister of Brazil, Carlos Alberto Franco França, whom I thanked for his government’s support for Peru’s recent constitutional transition. I reaffirmed Peru’s commitment to human rights and respect for due process Gervasi said.

López Obrador asks to recognize Pedro Castillo as president

Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López ObradorTuesday rejected accusations of “interference” by Peru’s current government, but asked to recognize the presidency of Pedro Castillo arguing that he won the last election.

“It’s not an interference, nothing being done there, our ambassador is doing his diplomatic work and it is Foreign Relations that is in charge of carrying this process forward,” he said in his daily press conference.

López Obrador replied to the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, which last Friday summoned the Mexican ambassador in Lima, Pablo Monroy, to convey his rejection for the “expressions of the Mexican authorities” which “constitute an interference in the internal affairs” of the Andean country.

Even so, the Mexican president rejected Castillo’s firingwhom he still considers the president of Peru, despite last Wednesday the Peruvian Congress dismissed him from office for “moral incapacity” and accused him of attempting a coup d’état.


Source: Clarin

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