In Argentina, a woman disguised as a nurse stole the baby at the hospital.

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A woman posing as a nurse managed to steal a newborn baby yesterday from a hospital in the town of Ingeniero Budge, Argentina. According to the newspaper El Litoral, the boy was found hours later.

Disguised as a nurse upon the family’s complaint, the woman managed to enter the room where the mother was with the baby and asked her to take the little one and do an examination. The child was born on Monday (12) without any problems.

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Realizing that the alleged nurse did not return, mother Nicole Sandoval began to ask about her daughter. Minutes later, the hospital confirmed that the girl had been stolen.

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The boy’s father claims that the “nurse” has already thought of everything. “My daughter was taken to the washroom and taken away,” David told Clarin.

baby found

A witness told local media that police found the girl at the bus stop in Buenos Aires’ Esteban Echeverría district. “A woman came to change a ticket for tomorrow. She wanted to go early, leave on time,” the terminal worker said.

“A change could have been made, but she had to take out insurance for the child and she didn’t have the relevant documents. She said the baby didn’t have any documents, she was traveling without these documents. This is a very important thing. seldom, because the company wants them to have the documents to be able to travel,” commented Stella.

Baby Nicole’s second daughter with a five-year-old son. He almost put the child in the car, but managed to reach a health center. The birth went smoothly and the baby was born with a weight of 3.1 kg.

wrong tips

While the family’s desperation in the hospital continued, the images taken from the security camera of the health unit caused even more confusion. The video recorded a woman leaving the hospital with her baby. At first they believed that he stole the newborn, but it turned out to be his own child.

As such, investigators now admit that they “wasted time” with false clues. The situation was clarified by the Lomas de Zamora Judicial Department, which was conducting the investigation.

Buenos Aires Police, on the other hand, stated that they received calls with false data about the case. The organ is investigating whether any hospital staff are complicit.

16.12.2022 04:00

source: Noticias

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