The older man left his family to live as a 6-year-old trans girl

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Paul was an ordinary Canadian married with seven children. However, she never really felt comfortable with her in her body, so at age 46 she made the biggest decision of her life: to come out as a transgender woman.

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Paul’s story happened in Canada, but it went around the world. But his struggle was not only to change his gender, but also to change his age, since Stefonknee Wolscht (his new name) She didn’t feel like an adult, but a 6 year old girl.

Local newspaper The Daily Extra reported that Wolscht ended their marriage and moved to Toronto to start a life from scratch. Her shows of rejection made her stronger. The lack of work and family has fueled their vulnerability. She finally found the support of a couple moved by her biography of her. The elders decided to adopt her as if she were a minor. “I have a mom and dad, who are totally comfortable with me being a girl. And her children and grandchildren support me,” she confessed.

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The company has given a fresh air to each of the parties. The images on social media prove it. Not knowing what happened to her seven children, Stefonknee Wolscht enjoys her adoptive parents.

a difficult story

His wife, to whom he had been married of 23 years, had left him with an ultimatum to stop being “trans,” so he it forced him to choose between his family or living the way he truly wanted to be.

“For me, stopping being trans is not something I could just do. It would be like telling me to stop being 6’8″ or you’re gone,” she explained.

Because of this, she lost all of her customers from her job as a mechanic and quickly ran out of money, forcing her to sleep in a homeless shelter for months. The whole process was “the hardest thing she’s ever had to do”.

Luckily everything started to improve when she was “adopted” by a family, where she now has new parents, dresses like her usual child and spends her time playing with the couple’s niece. Everyone accepts her as she is.

“I can’t deny that I was married. I can’t deny that I have children. But now I’ve moved on and I’m a girl again. I don’t want to be an adult right now. It’s a new beginning. We have an almost family that we are creating. And I’m allowed to be exactly who I am.”

Source: Clarin

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