Who is Inés Rau, the trans model who would be the girlfriend of Kylian Mbappé

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The front kylian mbappe He was a scorer and figure with France in the 2022 Qatar World Cup which consecrated him Champion of Argentina. On the verge of turning 24, and given that the footballer rarely talks about his private life, his possible courtship with transgender model Inés Rau.

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After finishing his courtship with the 26-year-old actress Emma Smet according to international media, and for the PSG forward’s brilliant performance in Qatar Lionel Messi’s partnerthe name of the young lady became one of most searched on Google and shared on social networks.

Inés Rau, the transgender model linked to Mbappé

Inés Rau was born in Paris and is 32 years old. she was featured in the Playboy magazine November 2017, and is the first openly transgender Playmate. Her last known partner was actor Staiv Gentis.

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Just as Mbappé, in addition to Cameroonian origins, has Argentine, the young woman flows with the same blood of origin in her ancestors.

Rau has suffered a sex reassignment surgery at age 16. But she only publicly came out as trans at the age of 24, when she posed nude for OOB magazine, media reveals.

She began to stand out in the party scene in Ibiza, as a dancer, and worked for the agencies of Nicole Miller, Alexis Bittar and Barneys New York.

His task is also known as transgender rights activist and starred in an episode of the news special Septa Huitwith a focus on “lifting the veil” on the life of trans models.

Lack of interest in social networks

As reported, Rau shows little interest in social networks, and prefers keep your private life hiddensomething he shares with the French striker.

However, she was very bold in documenting a day in the life of a transgender model for French television.

Indeed, if the intention is that over time it ends up being a piece of a large mechanism of a extensive documentarywhich is already running.

Regardless of his reservations, Rau explained in an interview with Vogue that he decided to tell his story, his professional aspirations and the capabilities of the fashion industry with the aim “breaking down barriers”.

“I want to show that transgender people, whoever they are, are normal people. They deserve respect. They are human beings. This is my little way of helping,” she said.

Parting rumors?

Of course, with the news of Mbappé on the World Cup in Qatar a series of rumors have been unleashed, including that the relationship may have come to an end.

Among the European entertainment press, a rumor has begun to circulate suggesting that Mbappé I could have finished with Inés Rau and would date another model.

The new French couple would be (always in potential because it is hardly a rumor) Belgian Stephanie Rose Bertramwho had previously also had a romantic relationship with Gregory Van der Wiel, a former PSG player.

Source: Clarin

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