The luckiest man alive: he cheated death several times and won the lottery

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There are people who seem touched by the magic wand or just too lucky. History Fran Selak, a 92-year-old Croatian, is incredible. The man has been involved in a series of accidents that rarely occur, he has dodged death more than 7 times and all in very egregious ways.

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There are those who think that Frank is a person with bad vibes due to all the accidents he has been involved in. The truth is that the man in all came out unscathed, Frane in dialogue for the Medium The Guardian, He said: “I never imagined that I would be so lucky to survive all my brush with death. I thought I was very unlucky to be there in the first place.”

When it seemed that Selak couldn’t be luckier, he had his last stroke of luck. The man won the lottery and it was made with the sum of 1 million dollars. Just a different.

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His life linked to death

Frane Selak was born in 192 in Petrinja, south of Zagreb, Croatia. The man lived completely normal and ordinary. Selak worked as a music teacher until he retired.

Surely if there is a god he shouldn’t want to see Selak in heaven, since he has been nicknamed “the world’s luckiest unfortunate man”. His escapes from death are truly amazing.

His first brush with death dates back to 1962, when he was 33 years old. Frane traveled on a train from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, which derailed and ended up in a river. ANDThe accident killed 17 people, while Selak only suffered a broken arm. From that moment his life began to defy all logic.

The following year, in 1963, Frane was on an airplane which suddenly had a door opened and was thrown into the void. It seemed to be the end of the man, but fortunately he fell on a thatched roof. A few minutes later the plane crashed and 19 people died.

The unfortunate events continued three years later, in 1966, the bus Frane was on went off the road and fell off the bridge he was crossing. In this case there were four victims, our protagonist was saved and swam ashore without a scratch on his body.

In 1970 death called him again, but he didn’t find him. Selak was driving his car to work when it suddenly caught fire. Incredibly, the man got out seconds before the vehicle exploded. In 1995 he was hit by a bus, but he sustained only minor injuries. At this point his life already looked like the one in the movie “Final Destination”.

His latest stroke of luck

Call it what you will, luck or coincidence. In 2003 French won the Croatian lottery jackpot: about 800 thousand euros.

The man does not believe that happiness goes hand in hand with money, his health is worth much more and he himself made it known in an intervention for the newspaper Keeperwhere he stated that “material things are the least important”.

In 2010, he sold everything he bought and distributed the fortune among his relatives. He has returned to his normal home in the city of Petrinja, Croatia. He got married for the fifth time and insisted that his happiness was his with his wife: “What I need at this age is my Katarina. Money can’t change anything,” he said.

“I never thought it was good luck to survive all my encounters with death, at first I thought the opposite: that being in so many episodes like that was bad luck.” added to the above medium.

your life today

After her story became known, Frane has been the face of countless commercials. In 2014, the man got angry over the way he was drawn in a video.

David Ransom, a New York animator with the company This & That Visuals, decided to share his story Youtube with a movie. She represented him as a black man with a mustache.

To which a furious Selak said: “The Americans have no idea, they drew me with a mustache and confused all my accidents. Maybe they’ll make a lot of money while I’m surviving on my pension. They could at least send me a few thousand dollars,” he angrily explained, according to the BBC.

“I’m so sorry you got upset about the portrait. I will be willing to correct the video so that your image is more accurately represented and add or remove any details you want, ”commented Ramson, the creator of the video after the controversy to a local newspaper.

The video is listed on YouTube as “the luckiest and unluckiest man ever” and has nearly 4 million views.

The case of Franke Selak is incredible. The most superstitious even said that he has a pact with the afterlife or that he is an angel sent by God. But what no one can explain is how he managed to live after everything that happened to him.

Source: Clarin

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