Video: Woman lost her children at Miami airport, raged and threw airline employee with computer

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In the midst of a scandal she staged over losing her children at the Miami airport, a 25-year-old woman threw a computer at an airline employee to who she claimed to help her find them.

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The violent sequence was recorded by a passenger. In the video you can see how the woman he yells at the American Airlines employee and shoots him with a computer in front of the departure gate.

The footage shows the woman, later identified as Camila McMillie, yelling at the airline employee until at one point she grabs a computer monitor and he threw it in the worker’s facewho managed to narrowly dodge it.

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According to Florida media, McMillie, 25, who lives in Alabama, reacted this way after realizing her children had left the seat without notifying her and asked airline workers to help her find them.

The woman tossed the monitor at the dazed airline employee, who spun quickly enough to dodge the aimed throw at her face, even as the heavy object lightly touched his shoulder.

The value of the damages caused by the woman would rise to 10,000 dollars, according to data provided by the Police, who arrested the woman for aggravated assault, criminal conduct and disturbance of public order.

Miami’s international airport, like Orlando’s, is registering a large influx of travelers these days following the end-of-year holidays, as well as the warm temperatures of Florida’s winter, which make this southern state, known for its its beaches, in a first-rate destination for these dates.

The number of passengers transiting through Miami Airport during the New Year’s season, which runs from this Wednesday, December 21 to January 6, 2023, will reach 2.5 million travelers, or 1.5 percent compared to the same period last year, according to airport forecasts.

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