They accuse a US nurse of sexually abusing thousands of patients

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The complaint of two women against a former nurse from the state of Colorado, United States, for sexual abuse has sparked an investigation in which they accuse the professional of taking advantage of their work to drug and abuse thousands of women. The lawsuit also blames the hospital that hired him.

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According to the plaintiffs’ lawyers, two women, identified only as MCs and JVs, filed suits as “victim 1” and “victim 2” against Christopher Peter Lambros61 years old, formerly employed in the intensive care unit of the St. Mary’s Hospital at Grand Junctionthe principal city of western Colorado.

The lawsuit includes graphic descriptions of sexual assaults Lambros allegedly committed dating back to 2012. against interned women receive intensive care in hospital.

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The two women also indicated that Lambros he photographed his actionswhat later verified after the arrest of the nurse by the Mesa County authorities, which they found on the phone of the now arrested and in his other electronic devices approximately 700,000 images and videos explicitly showing his criminal conduct.

Mesa County District Attorney Daniel P. Rubinstein said in a statement that the oldest incriminating images found in Lambros’ possession date from 2016, and his crimes were disclosed only last July.

Rubinstein explained it so far the existence of four victims has been confirmedtwo of them the plaintiffs. The third victim has already been identified, while the identity of the fourth woman is still unknown.

“The case is expected to go back to court in January as we are still investigating. We cannot comment on what evidence we have or speculate on what we might find,” the statement said.

On July 9, a St. Mary’s Hospital employee saw Lambros in an inappropriate situation with MC, who was hospitalized with possible lung cancer. The employee filed a complaint with the authorities and then informed the victim’s husband of the incident.

An investigation has since been launched. which led to the arrest of Lambros and to identify other victims within the hospital, prompting MC and JV to file their own class action lawsuit for them and other as-yet-unidentified victims.

For his part, hospital president Bryan Johnson said in a statement that the reported behavior “goes against everything we believe in and value at St. Mary’s Hospital,” adding that “patients trust us and should feel safe in our care”.

“We are working closely with law enforcement to protect our patients from those who intend to cause harm,” Johnson said, without elaborating on that partnership or how many people Lambros may have victimized since. which was hired in 2012.

the former nurse remains held in a Mesa County Jail on $1 million bail. In addition to the local police department and the Colorado 21st Judicial District Attorney’s office, the US Secret Service has also joined the investigation.

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