How much does Mariah Carey make for her Christmas hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You”?

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One of the most listened to Christmas songs in the West is, without a doubt, “All I want for Christmas is you (All I Want For Christmas Is You)” by Mariah Carey. It only takes two or three seconds (maybe less) to recognize it every time it rings.

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Every December since 1994, as the 25th approaches, the song slowly climbs to the top of the international charts.

This is why Billboard made a rough calculation of how much the American singer would earn each year for her supreme holiday hit.

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Before we get into the numbers, it’s worth mentioning that “All I Want for Christmas Is You” was written by Carey and Walter Afanasieff in 1994 and released by Columbia Records. It belongs to the artist’s fourth studio album, “Happy Christmas”.

How much did Mariah Carey earn in 2021 for her holiday hit?

According to Illuminate, in 2021 the song reached 1,747 million of consumption units of US subjects.

Of the total, 48,000 were song downloads, 200 million were from audio-on-demand streams, 52.5 million were from video-on-demand streams, and 24 million were scheduled streams.

In this sense, add up, those reproductions and downloads generated only in 2021 $1.36 million for Carey and his seal, sonymusicestimated billboard.

impressive numbers

and the sum continues. With the song’s release on five of her physical albums, Mariah became one as well $378,000 last year.

The United States accounted for just 51% of download sales and 30.7% of streaming on requestlike this if the international commercialization of the success is taken into account, the figure is much higher.

Billboard estimated that in 2021, Carey’s master version of the song nearly grossed 4.5 millionwhile his publishing rights generated others 1.66 million. Together, that amounts to nothing more and nothing less 6.16 million in global revenue and publishing rights.

Of that income, Billboard suggested that Carey’s royalties be left $1.55 millionwhich would give Sony 2.95 million.

We must take into account these numbers that the song was composed by two people and that, if each corresponded to 50 percent of the proceeds, the figure that Carey would have received just for the publication of the song would be 830 thousand.

Ed Christman, who led the analysis, clarified, “If you own your own publication, after a 10 percent administration fee, your take-home pay would be $747,000. If you have a 75/25 co-publishing deal, your fee would be just over $622,000; and if he doesn’t own the publishing of that song, his publishing royalties would be approximately $415,000.”

Source: Clarin

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