What is the best US city to live in according to a survey of migrants?

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A recent study has shown that Miami is the best city in the United States for migrants. The second, New York.

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This conclusion emerged from a survey conducted by the global expat community InterNationswhich currently has more than 4.5 million members.

12,000 migrants They voted based on their satisfaction taking into account five categories: quality of life, ease of settling in, personal finances, economic stability and basic issues for expats.

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Of expats in Miami, 85 percent said they were satisfied with living in Florida’s largest city.

Those who are happiest with their city highlighted that it is very easy to adapt to Miami, that the local culture is very open, that access to internet services is fast, that you can pay cash everywhere and that you can easily use bank accounts .

They also highlighted the good number of job offers they are presented with and the possibilities for outdoor entertaining.

And the negative? They mainly emphasized the lack of public transportation, the high price of health insurance and the high cost of living.

The top city in the ranking determined by the survey was Valencia, in Spain. The podium has been completed Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and the Mexico City.

Miami was ranked 12th in the standings and New York, the second American, was 16th.

Top 10 countries

A ranking with the was also published in InterNations this year Best and worst countries for expats in 2022.

The first place was obtained by Mexico thanks to the indices related to Personal Finance and Ease of Settling In.

The rest of the top was completed, in order, by Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore.

South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Kuwait are among those least favored by migrants or those that were losing ground.

Kuwait, for example, is the worst in terms of quality of life and ease of settlement; New Zealand, on the other hand, hasn’t been very popular lately due to its high cost of living.

Source: Clarin

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