The terrifying Netflix movie that will take your breath away

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Netflix It has in its catalog one of the titles that made horror films talk the most: “Hereditary” (Hereditary). This feature film directed by Ari Aster He has been awarded in several film festivals, both for his cinematography and his performances.

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Released in 2018, it was one of the first major productions from independent company A24 and quickly became the top-grossing film at the box office.

What is “Hereditary” about?

When the The matriarch of the Graham family dies, leaves his huge house to his daughter and grandchildren. However, paranormal and shocking events start happening around them, when different ghosts start haunting the place.

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The plot may seem simple and repetitive compared to other films. However, its status as an independent film and product of one of the most popular developers of the moment they made it a cult classic in no time.

Critics were very supportive of Ari Aster’s film. In IMDbsite specialized in cinema, obtained an average score of 7.3 out of 319 thousand reviews; on the other hand, on the website Rotten tomatoes they gave it 69% audience ratings and 90% critical ratings, an unusual difference between the two.

Main cast of “Hereditary”

  • Alex Wolff-Peter
  • Gabriel Byrne-Steve
  • Toni Collette – Annie
  • Milly Shapiro-Charlie
  • Mallory Bechtel-Bridget
  • Christy Summerhays – Charlie’s teacher

The film was released during the film festival of Sundance in the United States, where it was acclaimed by the public. Secondly, Tony Colletta and director Ari Aster have been honored with other awards, such as the Awards Fangoria Chainsaw and the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards.

Main production equipment

  • Ari Aster – director and screenplay
  • Kevin Scott Frakes – production
  • Buddy Patrick – production
  • Brandon Tamburri – production
  • Jonathan Gardner – executive producer
  • Ryan Kreston – executive producer
  • Colin Stetson – soundtrack
  • Pawel Pogorzelski – cinematography

Source: Clarin

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