The US storm travels south, and Mexico faces an exceptionally cold snap with snow

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The cold wave in the United States sand spread to Mexico, where unusual temperatures down to -15°C are expected. The mountainous regions of the north of the country are the most affected, as well as the center of the country, where they have been observed exceptional snowfall.

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An absolutely “atypical” cold wave. This is how Mexico describes the abnormally low temperatures that they are petrifying the north and the center of the country, including the capital.

The freezing cold that has gripped the United States in recent days is also affecting its neighbor to the south, much less prepared for these extreme conditions. Snow fell in the mountainous areas east of Mexico City, which is extremely rare.

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But while temperatures hover around freezing at night, the sun warms the atmosphere during the day. The north of the country is even worse: -15°C to -10°C, ice gusts and storm forecasts for this Wednesday

Migrants hit hard

Most Mexican homes lack heat, but authorities are also concerned migrants camping on the US border.

Despite the cold, these groups of Central Americans and Venezuelans they are determined to stay and try to warm up around makeshift bonfires.

They have been waiting for several weeks to apply for asylum on the other side of the border, an increasingly uncertain prospect.

Freezing temperatures were recorded in 48 US states over the weekend, including communities in Texas along the Mexican border, where some recently arrived migrants have struggled to find shelter.

They fear more victims in the United States

The United States feared this Wednesday more victims of the brutal winter storm that has been afflicting the country for a week, which it has caused dozens of dead across the country and wreaked havoc on routes and airports in the middle of Christmas.

The total deaths confirmed by authorities in nine states were in the dozens and growing, including 31 in Erie County alone, which includes the city of Buffaloin New York, where President Joe Biden approved a “state of emergency” on Monday.

But officials expect that number to rise as the storm subsides and lifeguards can access to the more remote areas.

The National Weather Service (NWS) expects temperatures to rise by 10C for the weekend but warns of “locally dangerous traffic conditions”.

Severe weather began to ease Wednesday across the eastern and Midwestern United States. “This is clear the storm of the centuryNew York State Governor Kathy Hochul said on Monday.

The freezing cold that has hit the United States these days has been accompanied by heavy snowfalls and strong winds, particularly in the Great Lakes region, leaving many trapped in their homes and cars or stranded by flights cancelled in the busy travel holiday season.

According to the website, more than 5,900 flights they were canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday.



Source: Clarin

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