What are the 12 New Year’s wishes and how to ask them?

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Comes a new year and ours hopes are renewed. We gather, celebrate and toast to what is to come. And, also, say goodbye to what is going away, with the good and the bad it has had.

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So, surely we celebrate the match of 2022 East December 31st and welcome to 2023 surrounded by joy, love and – why not – some ritual.

It’s just that yes, this time of year we all get a little superstitious and we do everything we can to do it attract the best for the next 365 days.

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In this sense, one of the most famous traditions consists in eating 12 grapes in one minute, right at midnight. Each of them represents a month of the year and, by eating it, we must make a wish. This is one way to clarify what goals we want to achieve in the starting year.

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What are the 12 New Year’s wishes and how to ask them?

JANUARY 1 – LOVE. It is such a broad sentiment that we must clearly ask for what we want. It can be meeting someone if we are alone (always clarifying that it is a good love); strengthen the passion with the partner we already have; stimulate the bond with our family; or strengthen relationships with friends and colleagues.

FEBRUARY 2 – CHANGES. This is the request that corresponds to the renewal in the area that interests us. All changes are good and involve learning, experiences and hoping with the intention of changing unpleasant actions or situations.

MARCH 3 – PEACE. It is important to ask for peace both for ourselves and for those around us and for the world at large. In this way, we can live in true happiness.

4-APRIL – HEALTH. This is the wish involving physical and emotional health. It is necessary to wish with conviction that any disease or condition that harms our health and that of our loved ones will be removed. It’s also a good time to decide to change bad habits.

MAY 5 – HAPPINESS. Being happy, in this case, consists in knowing how to identify and live all the moments of life to the fullest. Therefore, it is important to ask in faith that our thoughts be positive.

JUNE 6 – SHARE. Sharing is an essential value that we must not forget. Being generous and humble will give us spiritual satisfaction.

JULY 7 – HOPE. You must never lose it; hope is what keeps us alive and eager to get things done. That’s why it’s important to want to always have it.

AUGUST 8 – RESPECT. This eighth grape symbolizes our desire to hold the value of respect, both for ourselves and for the people around us. So we can evolve happily and in peace.

SEPTEMBER 9 – SERENITY. This is the desire to know how to maintain serenity and balance in the face of any problematic situation that arises. It is asking that desperation and stress distance us and, in this way, be able to reflect and find the best solution to problems.

OCTOBER 10 – COMMUNICATION. It is very important to want to have good communication skills. In this way we will avoid problems and misunderstandings that can complicate our lives.

​NOVEMBER-11 – BALANCE. It is important to ask for balance in all areas: physically, emotionally and materially. This desire, in general, is related to money, work and the projects we want to start.

DECEMBER 12 – OWN AND PERSONAL DESIRE. This is the most intimate desire we have. It’s something that only we know and now is the time to ask for it with faith.

Source: Vanguardia.com.mx

Source: Clarin

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