A man left his wife in the middle of the road and traveled more than 150 kilometers without realizing it

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The abandonment of Boon Tom Chaimoon may be, for many, unforgivable. Without realizing it, the 55-year-old he forgot his wife on the road and traveled more than 150 kilometers without realizing it.

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It happened in Thailand. Boontom and his partner Amnuay They were returning to Maha Sarakham from a holiday in Bangkok on Christmas Day when around 3am they decided to stop to urinate by the roadside.

He on one side and she on the other -but not before recriminating him for not stopping at a service station-.

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According to the India Times, Boontom had not realized that Amnuay had got out of the car at the same time as him to relieve himself in a nearby forest.

So when he got back to the car, he got on as if nothing had happened and continued his journey. In the meantime, she has returned from her work in the woods and has seen how her husband has gone off by himself.

Completely confused, the woman began walking around aimlessly looking for help. Two hours later, around 5 in the morning, she walked 20 kilometers Kabinburiwhere he was finally able to contact the police.

In the company of the officers, Amnuay tried to call her husband to pick her up, but she couldn’t find the phone because she had left it in a bag inside the car.

Three hours later, at 8 in the morning, the woman was able to contact her husband. It was there that she realized the man had been driving 159.6 kilometres solitary.

Apparently, the wedding reunion went smoother than expected. There was no arguing, no yelling, nothing like that.

According to the New York Post, the Chaimoons have been married for 27 years and have a 26-year-old son.

A different story

On New Year’s Eve in the United States, a completely opposite event happened to that of her Thai husband.

American football player and commentator, Richard Griffin IIand his wife, the Estonian heptathlete Grete Sadeikothey had a hectic but tender end of the year: On December 31, the 29-year-old woman went into labor and as soon as he learned of it, he left live to travel to see her and not miss anything..

The emotional moment was seen on ESPN as Griffin discussed Field Pass with The Pat McAfee Show. “I have to go,” announced Richard, 33. “My wife is going into labor! See you later!”

In the clip, which Griffin himself shared on Instagram, we see Richard answering the phone, telling Aria he has to go, and one of his colleagues congratulates him. The camera then humorously follows him until he leaves the stadium.

“Girl tried to make a dramatic entrance last night in 2023 but decided it wasn’t time yet,” the athlete wrote.

About her “hero”, Šadeiko said: “I called him while he was on live TV hoping I wouldn’t be able to reach him, but I guess when your wife is 9 months pregnant and she calls you, you pick up the phone it doesn’t matter what are you doing, hey?”

“All I had to say was the word ‘work’ and this man STOP CALLING A BUSHING GAME and ran in his car to get to the airport for a 4 hour flight home,” she continued.

Source: Clarin

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