Jeremy Renner reappeared with a message after the accident that almost cost him his life: ‘Too broken to write’

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After suffering a serious accident this Sunday and having to have surgery twice after his leg was crushed by a snowplow, actor Jeremy Renner he was able to reassure his fans and friends by posting a message in your account instagramdespite the gritty image that accompanied her post.

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“Thank you all for your warm words,” the Hawkeye star posted and, with considerable effort, expanded: “I’m too messed up write, but I send love to all of you.

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A 51-year-old volunteer firefighter with passion for off-road vehiclesthe actor suffered an accident this Sunday with a caterpillar-style snow blower around his home in Reno, Nevada, USA.

The episode left him in critical condition: he had to be rushed by helicopter after the life-saving action of a nearby doctor who applied a leg tourniquet where the lead actor of the Marvel saga had a hemorrhage. He was then subjected to two speeches that were encouraging for your medical record.

The image that Brenner uploaded to his Instagram, while reassuring as it portrays him conscious in his hospitalization, also revealed details of his condition, such as wounds on the face and the need for probes connected to the respiratory system.

More details on how the crash happened were released this Tuesday.

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Source: Clarin

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