Wolf Moon: When is the first full moon of 2023?

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On an astronomical level, in the first days of January we will already have a gift from heaven. Is that the first full moon of the year shall prevail between us between night of Friday 6 and early morning of Saturday 7 January 2023.

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known as “Moon Wolf”this full moon is also the first to occur after the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere, where the nights are still very long) or summer (in the southern hemisphere).

“Micromoon”: What will the full moon of January 2023 be like?

The full moon January -o Wolf Moon-, this year will be a “micromoon”To explain ABC science. This is the in front of to what we know as “Super Moon”.

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What does this represent? just that our natural satellite is at its furthest point from the Earth; something that in astronomical terms is known as an “apex”.

Specifically, it will be about the full “micromoon” of January 405,000 kilometers from Earthdetails the said medium.

Why is the Moon closer or further away (in this case) from the Earth? The answer is simple: the Moon orbits the Earth at a elliptical trajectory.

One side is closer to Earth and the other is further away. This distance affects the size and brightness of the Moon, although it’s probably not as visible to the naked eye.

Wolf Moon: what is its meaning

symbol of fertility, since ancient times the Moon has been the focus of attention of different cultures. It is that by its nature and the effects it causes, it has always aroused enormous interest and indisputable interest mysticism around it. And even more so when it’s full.

So much so that month after month they assigned him a First name according to weather features.

According to National Geographicthis full moon was called “Wolf Moon” by Native Americans in the United States, because in the the time of year it occurred, the howling of wolves increased the most outside the villages.

Previously, it was believed that in January these animals they howled because they were hungry and it was more difficult for them to hunt. It is now known that wolves howl for a variety of reasons.

One of them, which right now is the time they’re most active since it’s theirs reproductive period in both North America and Europe.

Since it takes place in the middle of winter (in the northern hemisphere) in this case, this Full Moon is also known as Severe Moon, Ice Moon or old moon.

for the different Names received from the terrestrial satellite, there are no scientific explanations.

They have simply been called that since algonquins -a group of indigenous peoples of the United States, Canada and northern Mexico- who named them according to the agricultural, cultural or climatic events of the moment.

Lunar cycle: when the full moon occurs

The full moon It is an astronomical phenomenon also known as a full moon and occurs when Our planet is located exactly between the Sun and the Moon..

Thanks to the fact that the Earth is positioned right between Astro Rey and our natural satellite, the latter is fully illuminated.

The phases of the moon are the apparent changes of the visible illuminated portion of the satellite generated by its change of position with respect to our planet and the Sun.

The full cycle, which is called lunationspans 29.53 days.

During it, the The moon passes the new moon (New Moon); its visible illuminated part gradually increases again during the first quarter phase; Two weeks later, the full moon (Full moon); and during the next two weeks, in the waning quarter, it decreases again to begin a new lunation.

Source: Clarin

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