Controversial: A man legally changed his sex to get custody of his daughters

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A man believes he has nothing left to lose. He hasn’t seen either of his two daughters for almost two years and his desperation has led him to make a difficult decision: She went to the registry office and legally changed her gender.

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He is convinced of it Now that she is a woman, she will have a better chance of being able to win custody of her it ensures that the legal system favors mothers in such cases.

The case occurred in Cuenca, Ecuador the week before. The new woman, whose name is René Salinas Ramos, claims that her gender change was not due to a sexual tendency, but to create a legal precedent and fight harder for custody of their children.

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Salinas Ramos said his two girlfriends don’t live with him and he only sees her sporadically. holds be confident in your sexualitybut that this is the beginning of a struggle against a legal system which, from his point of view, has stigmatized the fact of being born a man.

In his case, despite the different circumstances, the law has privileged the care of the little ones to the parent.

But the man, now a woman, adds it the controversy is not against anyone in particularbut rather against the authorities who often feel that care should be in the hands of women.

Therefore, from this moment she also wants to be called mom. “The law takes away our right to be parents,” says Salinas Ramos.

Highlight that “The purpose of all this is to raise awareness in society to seek the good of children, because the law considers the male a provider,” he said.

Therefore, ensure that this is the greatest proof of love he does for his daughters. “It’s proof of love,” Salinas observes.

Of her two daughters, the first hadn’t seen her for more than a year and a half, and the second denounced:suffers constant physical abuse”; And that’s why you asked for custody.

But the response of the cantonal council for the protection of rights was dry: “Until this is resolved, they have to stay with their mother.”.

That’s where his idea to change gender came from. Now he hopes that, with his new condition, be regarded as a mother and so be able to see his daughters again.

Source: The Universe

Source: Clarin

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