Biden joins hands with floor leader “I will not sign a bill without Buy America”

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Support for the ‘Infrastructure Act’ visit to the bridge in Kentucky
“Everything necessary for construction is made in the US”
Securing driving force for re-election by emphasizing semiconductors, etc.
Invite the Republican Senate floor leader to negotiate

US President Joe Biden is giving a speech in front of the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge in Covington, Kentucky on the 4th, emphasizing ‘By America’. The sign reads the slogan “Building a Better America.” President Biden accompanied Senate Republican Mitch McConnell (right) on his first official site visit of the new year on this day and emphasized cooperation. Covington = AP Newsis

US President Joe Biden said on the 4th, “I will not sign any bill that does not buy American products.” President Biden, who made the 2024 presidential re-election challenge a foregone fact, made it clear that he would accelerate the US manufacturing revival policy represented by’Buy America’.

○ Biden shouts ‘USA’ at the first site visit of the new year
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On this day, President Biden visited the Kentucky state’Brent Spence’ bridge to be newly built with financial support under the’Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act’ (Infrastructure Act) that went into effect last year and said, “We will do all of this (infrastructure investment) We will be with American workers with American products made in the United States.” “It can be summed up in two words. By America,” he said.

“Everything needed to build the bridge, such as metal, steel and building materials, is made in the United States, which provides jobs for thousands of Americans,” he said. .

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President Biden mentioned the’Semiconductor Science Act’ passed last year and repeatedly emphasized the expansion of semiconductor production in the United States. “Think about why the recession was so bad two years ago,” he said. “Now we are exporting American products and creating jobs in the United States. Thanks to the bipartisan semiconductor science law.” “This is what revitalizes American manufacturing, puts America back on the cutting edge of technological innovation, and is for American national security,” he said.

The visit to Kentucky on this day is President Biden’s first on-site schedule this year. Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg also visited Chicago and Connecticut, respectively, to emphasize the revival of American manufacturing through the Infrastructure Act. “This bridge will be built with American-made materials,” said Vice President Harris during a visit to the newly constructed 95th Street Bridge in Chicago. Parts made by Americans will be transported across the bridge by (American) Ford cars.”

○ Invite the floor leader of the Senate of the opposition party, emphasizing governance

The Biden administration’s emphasis on Buy America as the first step of the new year is interpreted as following the idea of ​​making the revival of the manufacturing industry a key policy for the remaining two-year term. In the midterm elections in November of last year, the Republican Party won the majority of the House of Representatives, and amid concerns that it would be difficult to push for new bills, the Infrastructure Act and the Semiconductor Science Act Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which had already passed Congress, were implemented with a sense of speed to serve as a driving force for re-election. It is a plan to take it.

On this day, President Biden said “at the right time” when asked, “When will you declare your re-election challenge?” As a result, the Biden administration is expected to further strengthen the policy of expanding the US purchase regulations of financial support projects through the Infrastructure Act and the expansion of the use of US products according to the IRA North American final assembly regulations.

President Biden invited and accompanied Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who had Kentucky as a constituency, on the site visit that day. President Biden said, “I wanted to start the new year with bipartisan figures regarding this historic project,” and said, “This will send an important message to the entire country.” He went on to emphasize, “If we throw a little pride away and focus on what the country needs, we can move America forward.” President Biden headed to the event in the same car as McConnell on this day, and discussed diplomatic security and legislative tasks, the White House said.

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