Two years after the storming of the Capitol: a coup that continues to mark the political agenda of the United States

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It was one of the days more dramatic from US history, the kind that everyone will remember what they were doing right then, like during the Kennedy assassination or the 9/11 terrorist attack.

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Image of crowds of supporters of then former President Donald Trump breaking down doors, climbing windows enter the Capitol en masse in Washington with the aim of interrupting the session that would have consecrated Joe Biden as the winner, it will not be easily forgotten.

Terrified lawmakers running down the halls amid tear gas and destruction by a horde of violent and injured police officers, Vice President Mike Pence seeking refuge, assailants breaking into Nancy Pelosi’s office to break everything down.

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The desperation that this scene of terror was unfolding in the first world economic power, which proclaims itself the champion of democracy.

Two years afterthe assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, in which 5 policemen were killed and around 140 injured, continues to mark the US political agenda.

In fact, 20 of the elected deputies who are blocking the election of the head of the House of Representatives these days believe that the 2020 elections – in which Biden won despite Trump’s rejection – it was fraudulent. Many of them were present that day fateful in the district and subsequently voted against Biden’s certification.

The investigation into that episode is proceeding slowly. at two years, more than 950 people have been arrested for their role in the attack and 192 are in jail, in the largest investigation in Justice Department history.

The FBI has seized hundreds of cell phones, interrogated thousands of people, and followed up on hundreds of leads. But the investigation is still far from finished: more than a hundred people could be reported in the future.

The investigation brought the members of to justice extremist groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers militia, who were the ones who led the assault, but also other Trump supporters who were fueled by lies on the electoral fraud that the former president spread at the time.

At the same time, the tycoon faced a tough parliamentary inquiry into his role on January 6. Two years later, a congressional committee determined in a report filed Dec. 19 that it was the main responsible of that insurrection and asked the Justice Department to bring criminal charges triumph and prevents you from running for public office.

The commission charged him with the offenses of inciting insurrection, obstructing official proceedings, defrauding the government and making false statements. The Justice Department has nominated a special prosecutor to investigate the former president’s role in the attack and will make the final decision.

Meanwhile, Trump has already launched his presidential candidacy for 2024 and this investigation – plus others on his taxes and also on the improper collection of confidential documentation at his home in Mar a Lago – could affect his candidacy.

The tycoon swears they are all plot against him and many of his followers still express their faith to him. But it is true that Trump has lost influence since he left the presidency following the January 6 terror scenario.

In the last legislative elections in November, the Republican party did not sweep as expected, but recovered the House of Representatives with only a narrow majority. Furthermore, many of Trump’s backed candidates – most of them ultra-conservative and with no political experience – they suffered significant defeats.

Part of the conservative sectors and the Republican Party establishment have been exhausted by the ex-president’s untimely maneuvering and lack of attachment to institutions, and internal rivals have emerged who threaten his reign, such as Florida governor Ron de Santis , which many see as a “Trump more verbose”.

The tycoon also has Difficulty dominating your own troops and we have seen this in recent days in the same Congress, when several of the representatives he supported in the elections refused to follow his instructions to vote for kevin mccarthy as head of the lower house.

Despite everything, Trump maintains plans to show up in 2024. But, albeit slowly, the investigations on January 6 continue and could have consequences on his plans.

Washington correspondent


Source: Clarin

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