How to read the palm of your hand

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Just as the natal chart indicates what fate has in store for us according to the Stars and the personal number gives clues our life path according to Numerology, the Palmistry – manual reading – reveals a lot about our deepest aspects.

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yes, ours hands keep ours memory personal, genetic, social and collective. And the study of him allows us to find out how the future in every area of ​​life.

Expert Nadir Otermin Hamed brings us a guide to get to know each other better second our hands.

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How do you read hands?

All that information found in the file Palms of the hands and the fingers can be read and interpreted through a -la technique Palmistry– which helps us to discover our own real personality, tastes, tendencies and particular abilities.

First, to analyze them, we need to draw them scheme on a sheet. Then, to advance in the study, it is necessary to consider the following features:

FIRE HAND. Rectangular palm with very marked lines and short fingers. It denotes a very impulsive and energetic personality. Those with this type of hand feel a special attraction to activities and occupations that involve great challenges, risks and a lot of creativity, such as medicine, law or art.

GROUND HAND. Square palm and short fingers. He reflects a practical and serious personality, who is very fond of physical activity. Those with this type of hands tend to choose manual occupations, such as gardening or carpentry and mechanical jobs.

HAND OF WATER. Rectangular palm with thin lines and long fingers. They are owners of a sensitive, calm and very creative personality. They show interest in occupations that require planning and where they don’t feel undue pressure, such as research, sales, or administrative and clerical work.

AIR HAND. Square palm, crossed by many thin lines and long fingers. People with this type of hand tend to be outgoing, intellectually curious, and emotionally stable. They can opt for professions related to communication – such as literature or journalism – education or public relations.

What is the meaning of the fingers?

Who practices the Palmistry indicate that the shape of the fingertips it also provides insight into each other’s character and personality.

Tips can also be four types: round, spatula, conical and square.

ROUND TIPS. They indicate a well-balanced disposition. They are individuals who easily adapt to change, are receptive to new ideas, and reason in different situations with a similar amount of mental and emotional reasoning.

SPLIT TIPS. Fingers that are pinched at the first joint and then spread apart are known as “spatulate”. The owners of this type of tips are independent, energetic and enthusiastic people. In all spheres of their lives they seek action. They are practical personalities and are usually very loyal and genuine friends.

CONICAL TIPS. They mark a sensitive and impulsive nature. They also reflect a love of art and nature. This individual may also be very intuitive and trust that gift more than reasoning.

SQUARE DOTS. Those with square toes have clean, regular personalities. They express themselves clearly and confidently. In general, they seek security and stability for themselves and their environment.

In general, experts note this some fingertip types refer to the shape of the hands. In this sense, for example, those with watery hands often have conical tips; while square tips are often found on air hands.

The the combination of one or more types of spikes is also common. In this case, hands are called “mixed” and suggest a versatile personality, adaptable to different situations and who can excel in a wide variety of professions and activities.

What do thumbs mean for palmistry?

The thumb reveals the personality key. It is believed to indicate many things: some Hindu scholars, for example, only by analyzing it can know the person’s character.

However, the vast majority of those who practice Palmistry insist on considering its length, flexibility and position in relation to the rest of the hand.

Thus, in general, reveals the power level and the willpower of the person.

A inch long (exceeding the knuckle index), shows a personality full of strength and energy.

Instead, people with short thumb they often have little self-confidence and little ability to complete the projects they start.

The meaning is also influenced by his own position in hand. A thumb down -forming an angle between 60 and 90 degrees with the index finger-, speaks of a flexible, logical and independent person.

For his part, A thumb upthat which forms an angle of 30 degrees or less, is usually reserved and more taut.

How to analyze the ego according to the thumb

In the thumb tip we find another indication: the strength of the ego. In this case, if you tip folds up easilythe person is adaptable and generous.

However, if it is extremely flexibleit can be extravagant or show a tendency towards debauchery.

On the other hand, the thumb does when pressed by itself bends slightlyusually indicates a liberal, very practical personality with great willpower.

Also, people who have stiff thumbs they tend to be stubborn and not very receptive to changes and new ideas; but they are very stable and reliable.

Nadir Otermin Hamed. Holistic therapist. Transpersonal psychologist. numerologist. Courses and Sessions online/all year round. On Instagram: @consultorioholisticonadir

Source: Clarin

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