United States: investigate confidential documents found in a private office of Joe Biden

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The figure of Joe Biden took center stage on Monday in the United States, when it was revealed that the Department of Justice of that country is investigating the emergence of a series of classified documents in private offices of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Engagement, in Washington, which the current president founded after being vice president of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

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The the discovery dates back to November 2nd, just before the midterm elections. That same day, Biden’s attorneys notified the National Archives, which took possession of the materials and notified the Justice Department.

It’s a statement The White House has said it is cooperating with the investigation.developed by the Justice Office together with the National Archives, charged with safeguarding all confidential documents of US presidencies.

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“The White House is collaborating with the National Archives and the Justice Department regarding the discovery of what appears to be Papers from the Obama and Biden administrationsincluding a small number of documents marked as classified,” said Richard Sauber, special counsel to Biden.

According to US media reports, it would about ten documents which were in a folder with other unclassified documents and which were immediately returned, but the “oversight” raises many questions. According to a CBS source, however, it would not contain nuclear secrets.

The president’s attorneys caught them packing documents inside a locked filing cabinet to free up office space Biden was using at the time.

“The documents have not been the subject of any prior request or investigation by the National Archives,” Sauber added, unlike what happened in the case of Donald Trump, whose residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, was searched last August.

In this process, the FBI recovered thousands of documents, including some classified as classified, which the former president refused to hand over to the national archives. According to press reports, these classified documents contained sensitive information about China and Iran, as well as nuclear secrets.

Donald Trump’s reaction

In this context, Donald Trump released a statement on Monday in which he pointed to the FBI. “When will he search Joe Biden’s many residences and even the White House?” wondered the former US president.

“This documents they have certainly not been declassified“Insists the former Republican leader.

Prosecutors believe Trump violated the Espionage Act, obstructed justice and destroyed documents, crimes that could carry anything from fines to prison sentences and disqualification from political office.

These are not the only pending cases of the billionaire, who is also accused of financial irregularities in his New York general store.

With information from agencies.


Source: Clarin

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