She is 52 years old, has chosen not to be a mother since she was a child and says she does not regret anything

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A 52-year-old woman has revealed why she never wanted children. Jessica Hawk-Hippolytus she is a childless woman who has always made clear her feelings about having them. The teacher says that many thought she would change her mind, but it seems she hasn’t.

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Now she spoke about the misconceptions people have about people deciding not to have children and said she doesn’t regret a thing.

She says: “As a child I never wanted a doll. I didn’t play mom and kids. People always said I would change my mind. Even on my wedding day they asked me when I was going to have kids. I just thought about myself and my my choice.” said the teacher and tutor who works in New Jersey, USA.

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“I’ve always had a lot of freedom to pursue my dreams. I think kids and motherhood are great, but they’re not for me despite what they say“.

Jessica says that when she was a teenager, she had already made the decision not to have children, but to focus on her career and enjoy the world.

“I told everyone I dated that it wasn’t something I wanted right away,” she said.

“I knew if I ever wanted to be a mom, I had to be a stay-at-home mom, but that wasn’t going to make me happy. People always said I’d change my mind, but I didn’t.”

When Jessica met her ex-husband, the couple were happy to agree that neither of them wanted children, But they found that they were constantly being asked to have a baby, even on their wedding day.

Instead of becoming a mother, Jessica’s priority was to travel the world.

“I was able to travel to Italy, France and other dream places. I had so many amazing experiences,” he said. “And I didn’t have to think about anyone but myself, so I was able to capitalize on the opportunity.”

Jessica thinks having kids is a wonderful thing, but it’s not for her. And by sharing her story about her, she hopes to empower others to follow their instincts and accept not having children.

“People think I’m lonely because I don’t have kids, but I’m not at all.”

Source: Clarin

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