Floods in California: the desperate video of Ellen Degeneres at home

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A video posted by Ellen DeGeneres calls attention to the extraordinary flooding that has hit California in a state of emergency caused by intense storms.

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The former talk show host posted a video of her standing on the bank of a rushing creek at her Montecito home, where other celebs including Oprah and Prince Harry also reside.

“It’s probably about two meters tall and could go up another two meters,” DeGeneres said in the video, also noting that this flow on your property usually “never flows”.

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severe flooding in california

As of Monday, 90 percent of the state of California was under flood control and thousands have already been forced to evacuate their homes, CNN reported.

According to the Los Angeles National Weather Service, this storm, fed by atmospheric rivers, it is the most impressive of the last 20 years, as in many areas it rained the equivalent of a month in a single day.

Montecito, California, the evacuated place where Ellen Degeneres lives

Montecito, where DeGeneres lives, was also under evacuation orders on Monday. AndThat day was the fifth anniversary of a similar deadly storm that hit the coastal city in 2018.resulting in the deaths of 23 people.

“This is the fifth anniversary of the fire and landslides that killed so many people and people lost their homes, their lives,” DeGeneres said. “It’s crazy. On the fifth anniversary, we’re going to have record rainfall.”

“We need to be nicer to Mother Nature because Mother Nature is not happy with us,” added the former host. “Let’s all do our part. Everyone stay safe.”

The official death toll attributed to the storm rose to 14 Monday and a five-year-old whoever was swept away by his mother’s car in the floods is still missing.

He was not pronounced dead, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, but the approximately seven hours of searching allowed only to find a shoe before the water level was too dangerous for divers.

California has been under a state of emergency since Sunday when President Joe Biden authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to step in and help coordinate relief efforts.

Storm and floods in California: dramatic forecasts for the next few days

“Due to extreme weather and rain in the area and to prioritize community safety, classes are being cancelled,” the University of California, Santa Barbara tweeted. “Please be safe and take extra care during this difficult time.“.

In nearby Ventura County, emergency crews rescued 18 people trapped in an island encampment engulfed by floodwaters.

Forecasters warned that more storms were on the way Wednesday.

A huge cyclone forming very close to the coast of the North American continent will bring another atmospheric river towards the west coast‘ the weather service said.

Source: Clarin

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