The heartbreaking story of the dog left on the street with a backpack and a note

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A beautiful dog he was abandoned on the street with a backpack full of toys and a heartbreaking note by its owner.

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It is a female, known as baby girlwhich was tied to a fire hydrant in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, before being rescued by the Humane Society.

The health of the bitch and its cost

Despite wanting to save the animal, they did not share the note left by the owner, they explained some reasons: could not meet the needs of your pet due to health problems of your own and your dog.

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The team took Baby Girl to a routine checkup, where she was found to have Diabetes mellitusalso known as canine diabetes, which can cause high blood sugar levelsrelationships Mirror.

Due to her health problems, she needs a daily glucose monitoring, a restricted diet and insulin injections Inside the house.

“It can be an expensive disease to manage, requiring a monthly purchase of insulin and potentially other medical supplies,” a spokesperson confided.

According to the vet’s assessment, all supplies can “cost a few hundred dollars a month.”

“Act of Despair”

When explaining how the owner’s decision to give up his pet was a “act of desperation”They thanked them for asking for help and tried to do what was best for their dog.

After speaking directly to the owner, they said, “First of all, we are very sorry that you had to part ways with your best friend.”

And the spokesperson added of the owner: “It is evident how much he loved her and you can see that he did his best while arguing with your medical complications and life challenges“.

“We see your true love in the backpack you carefully packed with all his favorite things. Even in the way you secured his leash so she wouldn’t be hit by a car“, emphasizes the person.

And he went on to praise along the same lines, to underscore courage and dedication despite the pain. “You put her in the middle of a neighborhood where she would be found quickly, and your love shows in how happy and healthy the baby looks”

After also praising the plea deal, they thank for the compassion and point out that the animal charity accepts anonymous contributions no questions asked.

“Be assured you are safe, you are receiving lots of care from our team. We wish you all the best and hope that if you see this, you can rest a little easier knowing that your baby has a bright future ahead of you“, they consoled.

The future of the bitch Baby Girl

A few days after being received by the animal charity, The little girl has a new homeand her previous owner couldn’t be happier with the situation

The international response to the story of this puppy was overwhelming and the great kindness from and towards his previous owner really filled everyone’s hearts.

The spokeswoman added: “We have been in contact with the previous owner and are grateful for the opportunity to connect with her and honor your wishes for Baby Girl to find a new home”.

On the other hand, they have passed on resources of support that have been given to them by the generous community. She expressed her gratitude and happiness, knowing that Baby Girl would soon find “a loving home like she deserves.”

Source: Clarin

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