They bought a Labrador for $600 and now he needs a fortune worth surgery to live on

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The labrador retrievers It is one of the favorite breeds as pets because in addition to being irresistibly beautiful, they have characteristics that make them very friendly.. Have great ability to bond with children and adults and are easy to train due to their high intelligence.

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Even if knowing them is equivalent to loving them, it must be taken into account that Labradors They are not suited to living in any space nor with all styles of owners. They need suitable places where they can exercise and people who are willing to interact with them. What ever imagined McDonnell family is that his latest purchase, a beautiful black labrador that he they baptized maya and it cost him £500, shortly after he would need £14,000 surgery, about US$17,000.

Sophie, 28, and Paul McDonnell, 38, from Walney, Cumbria, UK, bought Maya in June 2022six months ago via online in rubber tree site.

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The couple soon realized she was underweight and plagued with worms. “we feel cheated from the start,” they told UK newspaper Metro.

Then their vet told them the eight month old dog had the worst case of hip dysplasia I had never seen this before, and they would have to shell out £14,000 or $17,000 for two complete hip replacements before March.

Unable to come up with that money, they’re now asking for donations to help fund Maya’s recovery that she currently is take six painkillers a day and cannot climb stairs or bend down to go to the bathroom.

Sophie said: ‘It’s heartbreaking. He is a very affectionate and funny dog. It’s horrible to see her in so much pain. He is on a heavy dose of painkillers and is very young. Without the operations, your hips could lock up completely at any moment and you would be unable to move. This leads to arthritis and its quality of life may become so poor that we should put it down.”

Hip dysplasia is considered to be one of the most serious problems for dogs and can be eradicated through control tactics. selective breeding.

Maya was one of a litter of Labradors sold to Gumtree for £1,200 each. that’s why sophia he thought he had an opportunity when he called and the salesman said he could buy it for 500.

She was delivered to her home with no papers, food, bedding or toys, Sophie says. She at nine weeks she weighed only four pounds when the normal thing is that it is around 10 kilos. This made them suspect something bad.

Sophie said at first she thought Maya’s awkward gait was giggling, but she soon realized the condition. Already in October 2022 the dog I wouldn’t stop crying and limping.

Sophie said, “Now that I look at the photos of your for sale ads, I think Maya has spent her entire life in a box.. Her hip problems were probably there before we bought her. She looked nasty and that touched us. I even think they sold her to us under the influence of drugs so as not to point out her illness.”

Obviously the woman reported the seller to the authoritiesand now he desperately hopes to find the money to save Maya’s life.

Labrador dog: characteristics of the animal

The Labrador Retriever is a very sociable breed, gentle and excellent for company.

They are intelligent, docile animals, quick to learn, ideal for living with children because they are very active and love to play. They need space and have toys to avoid nibbling on people and objects around the house.

It is one of the pets with the best temperament. They are stable they like to collaborate and make its owner feel at ease. They need training, a task that is usually enjoyable due to its ease of learning.

Is critical provide them with daily exerciseTo channel their energy and prevent them from gaining weight, a tendency typical of the Labrador due to its greedy style. Puppies and adult dogs have different needs when it comes to feeding them. The vet will indicate the quality and size of the portions. Frequency is usually twice a day.

They are generally in good health although they are prone to hip dysplasia, knee problems, cataracts and deafness. They can be of three colors and its variations: Black, Sand (white or cream to reddish), and Chocolate (medium brown to dark brown).

Labradors born in kennels and domestic

In kennels they have the obligation to improve the breed by preventing Labrador Retriever puppies from being born inherit diseases as hip dysplasia, as is the case with the McDonnells. Those born in a serious establishment are supervised by an appointed veterinarian. They should be wormed at 20 days of age and re-wormed at 35 days of age.

At 45 days, before being entrusted to the new family, they receive the first five times the vaccination. Everything is recorded in his health card with a genetic and good health certificate. These procedures usually do not occur in puppies born in multiple domestic environments where they can certainly be well cared for from an emotional point of view but without the guarantees of professional treatment.

Source: Clarin

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