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It’s an imminent one“National mega-demonstration for the resumption of power”, similar to this Sunday’s violent protest in the Three Powers Square in Brasilia, but this time across the countryaccording to the official complaint.

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Because of that new notice, defense systems multiplied in this city which is virtually militarized, as this envoy was able to ascertain. There are patrols deployed on all avenues, every hundred meters and assault tanks, among other ordnance. The city is deserted the taxi drivers say. It is certainly observed much less movement than usual

The denunciation of the Lula da Silva government to justice over the preparations for far-right marches coincides with the release in these hours of a surprising video of former President Jair Bolsonaro from the United States in which questions the outcome of the presidential election in which he was defeated.

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This is the first expressed manifestation of that narrative after the weekend coups viz argument of the rioters bolsonarists. It is not clear whether the message was intended to encourage the new demonstration.

The former president He deleted the video but only three hours later to spread it and when it had already spread among his flock. Before his hasty departure for Orlando, before the inauguration of the new government whose legitimacy he has never acknowledged, the former president had published another message with the same allegations without evidence on a partial act of electoral justice in favor of Lula.

With these premises and intelligence data on the organization of new protests, in a meeting held on Tuesday night at the presidential headquarters of Planalto, the crisis cabinet ordered the tightening of security in Brasilia and in other capitals where it was confirmed the existence of enlisted extremistsFarnesina sources confirmed to the envoy.

The “terrorists”, as the government characterizes them, would be organized in the messaging application of Telegrambut it turned out that most of the messages were deleted at once in the past few hours, which adds more clues about possible coordination.

huge security apparatus

Information of the new riot this Wednesday or later is considered credible added. The battalions of the Presidential Guard and the Army Police, as well as the Cavalry Regiment, have been activated among other preventive measures, detailed the local press.

“The country is about to enter a serious situation, once again, after the tragic events of Sunday 8”, affirmed the presentation to the Justice of the Attorney General of the Union, Jorge Messias, which was immediately accepted. And he adds that “the institutions, once again, are invites you to react“.

In this sense, he stated to the Supreme Court judge, Alexander de Moraes, that blocking attempts are rejected of avenues or highways, as well as the invasion of public buildings throughout the country. Precisely, after Sunday the number of pickets on routes in at least four states by militants calling for a military coup to restore Bolsonaro to power.

The newspaper state slogan that the Public Prosecutor puts forward in that “given the absolutely exceptional situation” the exercise of the right to demonstrate is limited and extraordinary fines up to $20,000 “per hour” against those who support or participate in pickets. A direct blow to truck drivers and entrepreneurs in that sector, aligned with extreme Bolsonarism.

“Selma’s Party”

The government has listed at least 171 messages with a summons to demonstrate. The messages use a code to refer to coup acts“Selma’s Party”. Thus they appear on Telegram and also on WhatsApp. The lyrics deliver survival instructions and how to resist the effects of tear gas.

More than 1,500 have been arrested for the violent riots. Among the most relevant figures in prison there is the former commander of the Military Police of the Federal District Fabio Augusto Vieira. De Moraes ordered his arrest 24 hours ago.

He had already been removed from office by federal inspector Ricardo Cappelli who believed that the coup demonstration was only possible because of the “sabotage operation” on local security forces.

Due to these opacities, the court also temporarily dismissed local governor Ibaneis Rocha, suspected of having played an active role in enabling the mobilization preventing police action.

“There was an expected staff (for property custody) and an actual one, and at one point that staff was 3 or 4 times less than expected. Why did it happen? It really is the Federal District police chain of command that has to answer,” said Justice Minister Flávio Dino, who said the harshest voice of the cabinet for these events.

Questioned the Minister of Defense

He does so in opposition to the Chief of Defense, José Múcio Monteiro, who according to some sources, is at the exit door and should resign to avoid Lula having to fire him. “Another profile is needed,” critics of him say.

The truth is that the official defended the coup camps as “democratic”, He acknowledged that he has relatives among those zealots and famously delayed mobilizing military troops in putting down Sunday’s disaster.

One of the more suspicious figures was the former head of the local security forces, Anderson Torreswhich is located in Orlando, USA, the same city where former President Bolsonaro now resides and that he was Minister of Justice.

The idea of ​​a coup d’état organized in the mirror of the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 feeds on those visions. The former sovereign and his sons who persist in describing Lula as a “communist” and a “criminal”, he is surrounded by Donald Trump advisers like the ultranationalist Steve Bannon, accused of having acted after the attack on the US Congress.

The Brazilian judiciary has already formulated the request for the ex-official’s extradition who has said he is willing to return to Brazil and turn himself in.

In his video, Bolsonaro shows an excerpt from an interview with the lawyer Felipe Giménez, from the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, in which he claims that Lula da Silva’s election was rigged and that electronic voting is not reliable.

The cutout, with the logo of a social network that allows video editing, shows the caption “Lula was not elected by the peoplewas elected by the STF (Supreme Federal Tribunal) and by the TSE (Supreme Electoral Tribunal)”.

The former president has been openly accused by the new government of instigating anti-democratic acts in Brasilia. Bolsonaro has tried to distance himself from these incidents by questioning the violence. But it was surprising that the video was released just hours before the alleged new national rebellion against the new authorities.

Brasilia. Special delivery


Source: Clarin

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