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If you want to know what the members of the hordes that destroyed parts of the beautiful public buildings in the Plaza de los Tres Poderes in Brasilia are like or think, the local press is providing interesting insights from these fans.

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One case that has attracted the most attention is Ana Priscilla Azevedoa young woman designated as one of the organizers of the putschists who committed that undemocratic disaster.

This woman was arrested a few hours ago by the police on the order of the Supreme Court, which is investigating these episodes, their perpetrators and their instigators.

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The girl appears in the videos during Sunday’s violent day by spreading celebratory scenes of those episodes on Twitter and Instagram where he encouraged action. She also met on Telegram, from where she became insistent calls for more protesters to reach the political center of Brasilia.

The “Red Fraud”

“Let’s throw up this red fraud!” he warns in one of his publications cited by the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. “The green and yellow revolution has already begun. Brazil will stop! Refineries and distributors close. We will besiege the three powers! We call for military intervention! “

After the arrests of the Bolsonarists encamped at the army headquarters in Brasilia, Ana Priscila continued to spread disinformation on arrests.

In an audio posted in one of the Bolsonarist groups, he criticized the police for at least 1,500 arrests so far. “We don’t know if these people will go home or to prison,” protested.

Ana Priscila has also made several posts after the coup attacks in a Telegram group called “A Queda da Babylon” (The fall of Babylon). But he has also tried to distance himself, stating that he is not responsible for the looting of public buildings.

A premonitory video

However, at the same time called for a military coup against Lula da Silva. The girl is very busy. In a video she appears announcing in advance what would happen on sunday. And she does it bluntly.

“We will bring down the system, we will besiege Brasilia, we will storm the power, the power that belongs to us,” he says. The broadcast is from January 5th and he did so in the Bolsonaro camp installed in front of the main military headquarters in Brasilia.

The woman was arrested in Luziânia, in Goiás, on the outskirts of the Federal District. She is accused of a variety of crimesthe most serious is the characterization of terrorism which was officially given to these episodes.

Brasilia. Special delivery


Source: Clarin

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