California floods: Floods take 5-year-old boy

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Monday would be the first day of Kyle Doan in kindergarten after the holidays.

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The 5 year old he was recovering from an operation in the leg performed in November, when doctors removed a metal rod from a previous fractureher father, Brian Doan, said in an interview Tuesday.

Kyle couldn’t wait to play with his friends again, but concerned for his recovery, his parents told him to wait until the first day of school in January.

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He was on his way that Monday morning with his mother, a special education teacher at the same school in San Miguel, California, when his car was hit by the rising waters.

Neighbors in the area heard her mother’s screams and managed to save her, but Kyle was swept away by the current.

“My wife told me my son told her: ‘Don’t worry, mom.‘” as the car was swept away, Doan recalls, his voice breaking, as he continues to look for Kyle. “My wife feels terrible because she wished he’d been saved, but he was the closest person to me. she can reach. They did what they could.”

Rescue teams were forced to suspend their search Monday afternoon because weather conditions in San Luis Obispo County made them too dangerous. The search resumed on Tuesday. around 10:30, hoping a brief lull in the storms would allow them to locate Kyle before the next swath of rain arrived.

The family had hoped for a miracle on Monday, Doan said on Tuesday, but that hope was fading a day and a half later.

Kyle and his mom left the house at about 7:15am Monday on a country road that winds through wineries and ranches and crosses the creek that flows into the Salinas River twice, Doan explained. Sometimes, the car began to float due to the floodcollided with a tree and began to fill with water.

Kyle’s mother pulled him out of his car seat and fled the vehicle, according to Doan, but he lost his son in the creek.

His Chevrolet Traverse was found hours later, face down and filled with mud and debris, making it clear he had made the right decision to leave the car when he did, he said.

From divers to drones

Rescue teams looking for Kyle on Tuesday consisted of divers and detectives, drones and helicopters They were wandering over a large area, said Tony Cipolla, a spokesman for the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

Water still flowed into the creek where the child had disappeared, making it difficult to measure how far I could have been draggedHe explained.

Kyle, who is 4’2 inches tall with short dark-blonde hair and brown eyes, was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans and blue-and-gray Nikes when he was swept out of the water, authorities said, calling for the public’s help . Find it.

Central California was one of the hardest-hit areas on Monday, with slopes collapsing onto roads and overflowing rivers and streams. Another motorist drowned on Monday in San Luis Obispo County.

Doan said it was only after his son went missing that his school closed classes and roadblocks were put up stop people from driving for the same that his wife had taken.

“Kyle was a blessing, he was a love child. He was a great guy,” Doan said. “It’s so unfair.”

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