The mom and fitness model who got criticized for her outfit when she took her kids to school

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Vanessa Medina, a lawyer, model and Miss Fitnessit was filmed on video as she accompanied her son to school, in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. His clothes caused a scandal so much so that it went viral and has now reached the English newspapers.

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Vanesa represents a line of gyms and works that highlight her figure, as can be seen in the images she usually shares on social networks. But, of course, there are those who argue that her image is not simply shocking.

This was exactly what another mother claimed, who I take picturesIt was also filmed, and he shared his outrage on networks, noting that he was “disgusted” and that because of people like that he “wanted to change the kids at school.”

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Network controversy

As expected, the controversy exploded, went viral, and immediately generated a crack between those who defended their clothing and those who felt offended for having deemed it inappropriate for the place and occasion.

“They can dress however they want, in other places, not to go to an educational center. You have to be a little modest with children,” commented one woman. very inappropriate For a mother with a child in school. It’s not a lot of science, it’s common sense,” added another person in the same vein of criticism.

Instead, the defenders of the look of the model and the lawyer stood up, mother of little 4-year-old Fabrizio. “It seems that no one has anything to do but look at others to criticize,” wrote one woman. One man added: “They are the eyes of women that go blind with envy”wrote a man who racked up hundreds of likes on his comment.

“This lady should report the person who filmed her because he didn’t respect her privacy or that of her child, now everyone knows who she is and where the little one studies,” added another user about the warm mother, who wore a pink pantyhose dress, with bare back.

The scandal reached the English press

In times of globalization, viral news flies. And so it happened with the Vanesa case, which reached none other than the English press.

The renowned newspaper the sun publish the note entitled: “Beautiful mom responds to other parents who say her outfit is inappropriate for school”

The note reconstructs the case, accompanied by photos of the model and also by the video recorded by the other mother. Also, the release of Vanessa.

What Vanessa Medina said

Such a scandal reached the portals and TV channels. And Vanesa chose her Facebook account to answer questions.

“I wanted to express myself by thanking all the people who have sent me their support through small messages, a show of affection and appreciation with such beautiful words, defending me on social media for the video that has gone viral with bad design towards me”, began the letter.

And he continued, showing his knowledge as a lawyer: “That mother registered that desire to put me downexpressing himself with such contempt towards me and exposing my 4 year old son without knowing that this is a crime”.

“His plans didn’t go the way he wanted, he had the worst of intentions when loading and expose and refer to me in this way. But this post is not to talk about that woman, it’s to thank all those little people who have been by my side, my beautiful family, friends and people who don’t know me have shown me their support by telling me things that They made my eyes fill with tears of happiness,” continued the lawyer of the Private Technological University of Santa Cruz.

And he closed: “I’ve learned that there are more good, empathic people with love in their hearts. I am a fit working mom and taking care of my son with all the love in the world. I don’t do anything bad to anyone, people who know me know that I have a heart full of love and values.”

Source: Clarin

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