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Judges at Brazil’s highest court have ordered an investigation into Jair Bolsonaro over his possible involvement in the devastation of the coup in Brasilia. but they put a stop: won’t agree to go ahead with a for now mandate for its possible political consequences.

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They suggest, precisely, that this serious conflict should be resolved in that orbit and not in the legal space. “The arrest of him could generate more commotion among his followers and cause more violence”analyze the judges, as revealed by the portal of UOL. The information has not been denied.

The news was known shortly before the arrest at Brasilia airport this Saturday, of the former Minister of Justice and former head of security in Brasilia during the massacre, Anderson Torres, a close ally of the former president and who was returning from the United States.

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That shutdown can spark new paths in the crisis. This official, who was “on vacation” in Orlando, the former president’s hometown, suggested some annoyance with Bolsonaro because, according to what he said, he would never have contacted him.

No one is sure it’s true, but the comment opens up the possibility that Torres, in whose home a draft decree was found let justice intervene and cancel the elections, anticipates a self-defense move to frame the head of state. Such a confession could facilitate the next step regarding a specific charge with the possibility of an arrest warrant.

The magistrates of the Supreme Court argue, in fact, that the arrest warrant against the president should be issued only if he is convicted in one of the investigations opened by the Court.

The scenario opens up a complex panorama in relation to the fate of the former president, who is recommended by his allies to leave his self-exile in the United States and “to return to the arms of his people”.

In other words, trying to transform the judicial action and the decision of the Lula da Silva government into political persecution, which indicates the ex-president as the main responsible for the coup violence of Sunday 8. Bolsonaro’s defenders. reject these allegations stating that there were infiltrators and provocateurs in the marches.

Bolsonaro has responded to these suggestions from his allies by pointing this out “He’s thinking about it.” Here it is suspected that a return of the former president would generate a convulsion in the country which would complicate the Lula government.

As an immediate consequence, the most radical sectors of Bolsonarism repeating the narrative without proof that the October elections were manipulated with judicial complicity.

Where would Bolsonaro go?

There are all kinds of speculations in Brasilia about the far-right leader’s next steps, and he has succeeded an unprecedented mass of votes in those elections, including controlling major minorities in both houses of Congress.

Returning to Brazil, as indicated, is one of the alternatives. But it is also suggested that you could try to get the documents from yours Italian citizenship, that their sons legislators already have it, and settle down in that country. Authorities in Rome said there is no such request yet.

Analysts assume that there may be gestures in this direction by the right-wing government Giorgia Meloni. Another possibility is that Bolsonaro is seeking refuge countries with a similar fundamentalist political line and sympathetic to their plight, like Hungary’s far-right prime minister, Viktor Orban. At the moment, the former president has no travel restrictions around the world.

The investigations requested by prosecutors against the former head of state are currently based on a video posted by the former president on Facebook and deleted three hours later, in which he reiterates his question the impartiality of justice in the comic

This publication was made last Tuesday, two days after the attacks on Praca dos tres Poderes and in the middle of news of a nationwide wave of similar protests Wednesday to the request for a military coup to remove Lula from government and reinstate Bolsonaro.

Evidence of clandestine meetings

Further evidence could be added in this row. according to the newspaper stateallies of the former president acknowledge that the then president participated in at least two discussions at the end of the year at the Palacio da Alvorada, on how to reverse the defeat at the polls.

Previously, in November, he had already consulted his legal team with the intention of challenge Lula’s victory in court. However, he was advised to back down due to possible reprisals, including the freezing of his assets. Nor have the armed forces, convened in a night meeting in the presidential residence with part of the cabinet, given their endorsement to this adventure.

For Judge Alexandre de Moraes, head of the Superior Electoral Tribunal, and the magistrate who granted prosecutors’ request to investigate the former president, that video positions Bolsonaro.”in a way, in theory, criminal and offensive towards the institutions”.

In his letter, published by the local press, the magistrate affirms that this attitude of the ex president is assimilated to other judicial events that concern him, in particular that relating to the diffusion of covid vaccine fake newswho even mocked and recommended homemade medicines instead.

Reckless management of the pandemic caused nearly 700,000 deaths in Brazil. To a large extent, this taint, added to acts of bigotry and misogyny, is what took away votes from winning re-election.

Moraes says he backed the prosecutors’ request because Bolsonaro could have contributed “in a very significant way”, to the events of the coup.. “preach hate speech and speech against institutions, the rule of law and democracy”.

Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira informed this a few hours ago clarion and other international media that his ministry will release corresponding extradition orders if justice requires it.

The official explained that Bolsonaro, although he has a diplomatic passport, an attribute common among former presidents, would a limited permit to remain in the United States

The White House maintains a very fluid relationship with the new Brazilian government and this is taken for granted there would be informal contacts between the two countries on this case.

Lula da Silva will pay an official visit to the United States in early February to meet Joe Biden, who was one of the first world leaders to recognize the electoral victory of the former metalworker unionist and thus block Bolsonaro’s conspiracy theories.
Brasilia. Special delivery

Source: Clarin

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