Who is my Archangel according to my date of birth?

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Los Angeles guide and protect us. Since we were born accompany us in our evolution and growth assisting us in the face of each of our needs and problems.

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They are in charge of putting us in touch with ours purpose and our mission in this life.

Who are the 7 Archangels

Sent by God, true beings of lovethe Archangels are light entities who lead groups of angels whose goal is to intercede between men and the Divinity.

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They are meant to take care of us and protect us. Indeed, each of them has a private mission on Earth and their realms are very well defined.

The archangels They are present in all religions: the Bible, the Koran and even Hinduism mention them. Through a ritual, we can “call” them to ask for the protection or help we need.

Therefore, it is important to know what Archangel it protects us according to the day we were born to know a little more about our personality, our life path and how to ask for help, since nothing is impossible for them.

The 7 Archangels I’m Miguel, Jofiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel and Zadkieland everyone has a day Y Color. According to the day we arrived in the world, one of them is in charge of guarding us. Let’s find out.

Who is my Archangel according to my date of birth?

If you were born on a Sunday: Archangel Michael. The most important of the Archangels, he is responsible for the supply protection, power and strength. His color is blue and he works to maintain order and balance.

Those born under the protection of Archangel Michael will always have his care and energy. They are people resistantwith the ability to face adversity and problems and thus achieve their dreams and goals.

It is invoked with a blue candle on Sundays to ask for protection and care whenever you feel weak or afraid to face something; even in the case of those who are about to start a journey or a transfer.

If you were born on a Monday: Archangel Jofiel. He is the Archangel of intelligence, wisdom and enlightenment. Its color is gold (or yellow) and works to give inspiration and focus.

Those born under the protection of Archangel Jofiel will have good and bad experiences throughout their lives, but along the way they will learn and gain prudence and wisdom to make the best decisions. Those that will make them advance according to their convictions and, above all, respect themselves and others more.

It is invoked with a golden candle (or yellow) on Mondays to ask for attention, concentration and sufficient knowledge to face what life throws at him. It is ideal to order before exams, tests or at times when an important decision needs to be made.

If you were born on a Tuesday: Archangel Chamuel. He is the Archangel of love authentic. Its color is pink and it works to promote togetherness, comfort and pure bonds.

Those born under the protection of the Archangel Chamuel are usually distinguished by having a great love for othersa gift of love that stands out for being free and respectful, for giving trust and helping to grow and develop.

It is invoked with a pink candle on Tuesday to ask for understanding, patience and tolerance with each other. Also to stimulate harmony in the couple, ask for love, foster relationships with friends and colleagues, protect against envy.

If you were born on a Wednesday: Archangel Gabriel. His name means “The strength of God” and is associated with purity; the role of him is to delivery courier. Its color is white and it works to improve communication.

Usually those born under the protection of the Archangel Gabriel are optimistic and vital because they have a strong ability to purify feelings and emotions. Your meaning in this life is to help others see things from a positive point of view.

It is invoked with a white candle on Wednesdays to ask for clarity to convey concepts and all that one intends to say to others.

If you were born on a Thursday: Archangel Raphael. He is the Archangel of Health not only of the physical body but also of the spiritual one. Its color is green and it works to achieve healing.

Those born under the protection of the Archangel Raphael are “curators”especially of the soul. They are people who pour out of faith love, perseverance, inspiration and whatever it takes to help and heal those around them.

It is invoked with a green candle on Thursdays to ask for your action to heal sicknesses and problems of all kinds, calm great anxieties, and protect our health and that of those we love.

If you were born on a Friday: Archangel Uriel. Uriel is the angel transformer, the one that gives us strength in the face of complications and inconveniences, especially economic ones. Its color is orange and it works to stimulate prosperity.

Those born under the protection of the Archangel Uriel are people characterized by their ability to do so economic growth but also spiritual It’s inside. They are even characterized by their ability to accumulate knowledge.

It is invoked with a orange candle on Friday to ask for prosperity, abundance and economic tranquility. It also helps us in work difficulties.

If you were born on a Saturday: Archangel Zadkiel. He is the archangel of happinessthe Freedom and the diplomacy. Its color is purple (or purple) and it especially helps to do this transmute the negative into the positive.

Those born under the protection of Archangel Zadkiel have the ability to change or transform environments that surround them. They tend to bring optimism and bring about positive change on those who listen to them.

It is invoked with a purple candle Saturday to dissolve situations in which there is no harmony, so as to be able to forgive and unblock all those situations in which progress is complicated.

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