Where to eat in New York well and cheap

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The gastronomic offer, with a variety of dishes, combinations and flavors is almost “infinite”. New York, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. But eat well and cheap in the Big Apple can become a real challenge for visitors.

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It will be necessary to take into account, for example, that the prices of the restaurant menus do not include the 7% tax or tip, which will significantly increase the bill since it is customary to leave 10% of the total and, if the attention was very good , up to 20 percent.

The truth is, most places you can eat rich and cheap To save on food costs, they are self-service, i.e. places where you help yourself and bring the tray to the table. But there are other, more enticing options as well. Here we tell you where to eat well and cheaply in New York.

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Where to eat in New York well and cheap

The vast majority of restaurants in New York They offer a more accessible menu from 12 to 3 or 4pm. A recommended time to eat well and save money. For dinner you can leave the pizzas, burgers and hot dogs.

1. Vapiano. In addition to the typical American fast food -which can also be eaten at the stalls-, there are places like this restaurant which belongs to a classic German chain specializing in Italian cuisine. The relationship between quality and price is very favorable, which is highly appreciated in every major city in the world. In the very nice restaurant in Union Square (113 University Pl) you can eat pizza or pasta starting from US$ 10.

2. Little Spain Market (10 Hudson meters). A classic of Spanish cuisine that has been around since 1919 and offers an excellent level. If we know how to search the menu well, we can find the best of Spanish gastronomy, at reasonable prices. A plate of paella, for example, costs $17.

3. Shake the shack. An obligatory point to eat well on a budget that is part of a very high quality hamburger chain. The prices are quite affordable: a menu with burgers, fries and a soda, by the way, costs around US$8. Time helps, of course.

4. Five guys. Another interesting burger chain to go to in NYC. This traditional place started with a street food cart. There is a place very close to Times Square which is the typical New York fast food restaurant which fills up easily, but where you can eat delicious hamburgers and homemade fries at affordable prices.

5. Chipotle. A corner of Mexico in the Big Apple. Tacos, burritos and salads of taste and quality can be had at a very good price. They have a wide variety of ingredients and there are many outlets all over the city. For U$S 10 they offer large dishes.

6. Sweet green. Chain of salad bars where you can eat healthy and cheap. They have a good selection of salads, as well as those that can be prepared to your liking (average price is US$12). Various vegetables and legumes, as well as all types of sauces, are other local offerings. They have many locations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

7. Perfect Patzeria Pizza. It is famous for its large slices of pizza which can be enjoyed at a great price in the city centre. The place is very small but it’s worth it because it really is one of the most recommended places to eat well and cheaply in New York.

8. TGI Friday. It can’t be said that it’s particularly cheap to eat, but its lunch menus are accessible and affordable. That’s why it is recognized as a place with a varied menu with good value for money. There are also some in the city.

9. Little Italy. This small historic neighborhood is filled with Italian restaurants that offer great prices on their lunch menus. For an average of US$12 you can have a delicious pasta dish with a drink for lunch. One of the area’s specialties is the classic spaghetti with meatballs, highly sought after in these affordable and quaint city restaurants. Canal Street separates it from another classic of classics: Chinatown.

10. Chinese city. Located in the southwest of Manhattan, it is another typical neighborhood where you can eat well and spend little. Ramen, Bubble Tea and Noodles are some of the specialties worth trying.

Source: Clarin

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