The porn star who could spend 300 years in prison and was declared indictable

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This was stated by a judge in Los Angeles porn actor Ron Jeremy He is mentally unable to stand trial on dozens of rape and sexual assault charges, which could have landed him in prison for up to 330 years.

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Judge Ronald S. Harris said at the hearing that after reviewing reports from both the prosecution and Jeremy’s attorneys, the defendant is in an “incurable neurocognitive decline” from which it will be difficult to recover.

The prosecution has requested that he be reevaluated periodically. A hearing will be held next month on whether to transfer Jeremy, whose legal name is Ronald Hyatt, to a state hospital.

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Jeremy, 69, pleaded not guilty after a grand jury indicted him for 34 counts of sexual assault, including 12 counts of rape.

When he was arrested two years ago, I said he would be found not guilty on all charges, Jeremy’s attorney Stuart Goldfarb said in an email. It’s been two years, and with the further discovery I’ve received, I believe I would have been found not guilty. It’s a shame he can’t be tried for mental illness and have the opportunity to clear his name.

Jeremy, who has been in jail since his 2020 arrest, did not attend the hearing.

The prosecution did not respond Tuesday to an email sent seeking comment.

Known as “The Hedgehog,” Jeremy has been one of the most prolific and well-known actors in the porn industry for decades, becoming a pop culture staple with his appearances on reality shows, public appearances, and music videos.

For many years he was a magnet for autograph seekers and selfies, which is how he met most of the girls and women between 15 and 51 who accuse him of assaulting them from the 1990s to 2019.

According to transcripts of grand jury testimony from the women and girls seen by the Associated Press, Jeremy persuaded them to accompany him to a small private room, usually a bar bathroom. whom he used to date in West Hollywood, and there he cornered and sexually abused them.

The Los Angeles Times was the first to report that Jeremy would not go to trial. Jeremy will thus avoid the trial in which, if he is convicted, he could have a symbolic sentence of conviction 330 years in prison.

The allegations stem from a prosecution task force created to investigate sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry after reports about Harvey Weinstein in 2017 turned the #metoo movement into an international phenomenon.

Source: Clarin

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